The New Way to Tie the Knot:
Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Day dreaming about wedding ideas on a budget for your big day? We've all done it. Whether we were 8 years old or 48, we have imagined what our wedding would be like…and now you finally get to plan it!

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As a kid growing up in New Jersey, I thought a wedding was supposed to be a huge, audacious event that your parents went bankrupt over and everything was white, gold and tacky. My dress had to have shoulder pads as big as my hair and my guest list was everyone I had ever met since kindergarten.

Well, it's just not like that nowadays (I realize I date myself with that description).

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Once I became engaged myself, I could not have been happier! I knew I was going to be marrying my best friend (find out more on my About Us page). I also knew I had a lot of work to do! So, I got started doing what I do best: researching wedding ideas!

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I knew exactly what I wanted but had no clue how it would all come together...because I wanted every pretty thing I saw! I had seen just about every wedding website there is on the web, every bridal magazine in publication and every bridal boutique in the city. My head was spinning with wedding favor ideas and table decorations.

I was so excited planning my wedding that my excitement turned to obsession. From there, my obsession turned to completely tired and overwhelmed.

I needed a game plan. I needed to do the second thing I do best: make a list!

If you are anything like me, you are a bride-to-be (or groom-to-be) with thoughtful, detailed, elegant tastes working with a budget. And chances are you are planning the whole thing on your own - no hired wedding planner.

Good news: it's more fun that way and you save money!

Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

This website is my way of sharing my list with you. I wanted to organize all the fantastic ideas I had come up with and come across in my journey. My goal is to help you in the planning of your wedding by organizing ideas. shares…

  • ceremony ideas
  • announcement wording, marriage vows and wedding program ideas
  • money saving wedding ideas and freebies
  • unique wedding centerpiece ideas
  • do-it-yourself wedding crafts
  • invitation ideas
  • wedding theme ideas
  • links to other helpful sites and vendors, and ...
  • as they say… "much, much more."

You can bookmark this site and use it as a reference as you plan your event. Most importantly, I'd love to hear about your wedding ideas such as crafts or even your own wedding. You can post them here! I sincerely hope you enjoy this site and welcome your feedback.

And by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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