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Want a peak behind the curtain? Let me tell you about us, Kate and Jon, the spearheading engine behind Wedding Ideas on a Budget.

Jon and Kate
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I have always said that I may not have luck in any other area of my life except for love. And to me, that is the only one that matters. Have you heard the saying that love can get you through anything? Well, Jon and I seem to put that theory to the test and we keep carrying on even more in love than the day before.

We started from humble beginnings. I was living in Baltimore at the time and decided that I was done with the East Coast. I wanted to move to Seattle. Although random, it seemed like a great idea. I couldn't tell you why or where that thought came from but I was soon determined. I had started saving my money to take a trip out there. After a year of working and saving my money, I bought a plane ticket and booked a hotel for a week vacation to check out the area. I had never been but I felt pulled. Boy am I glad I did! I fell in LOVE with the area immediately! I had never seen anything like it. I spent my time exploring different districts and shops, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the local music scene.

Upon my return to Baltimore, I immediately started making plans to build a life out in Seattle. I needed to research, gather information. So, I started to make friends online of people who lived in Seattle. I had a great little community going of people who could tell me all about living in the area and help me get started on my transition. Jon was one of those online pen pals. I can tell you, we didn't talk much about Seattle after a while ;-) We were both more interested in getting to know eachother. Emails turned into phone calls, phone calls would last hours, he then flew out for a weekend to Baltimore - and the rest, as they say, history!

Jon and Kate

Jon ended up moving out to Baltimore for 6 months to get to know my family, help me save money for the move and help me tie up my life on the East Coast. As we sold off all of our possessions to no more than what fit into our 4 door sedan, Jon, myself and our two kitties drove across the country together with our sights set on a new life! It was exhilerating!

VW Jetta Landscape

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