Backyard Wedding Ideas

There's no shortage of backyard wedding ideas since it is becoming more and more popular among couples.

backyard wedding ideas

Who can blame them? It is budget friendly and family friendly. Throwing your wedding ceremony and reception in a backyard can often allow for a more customized experience since a lot of venues have restrictions or can charge you for every little addition.

The cost of the venue was the biggest expense of our wedding. If we were fortunate enough to have a backyard or know someone with a nice backyard, we would have most certainly opted for a backyard wedding.

Here are some fun budget friendly backyard wedding ideas:

  1. What is one of the most common things people do in a backyard? Have a BBQ! Why not serve BBQ food at your wedding? It is easy, can be inexpensive if planned right and let's be honest, who doesn't love a good BBQ?

    backyard wedding ideas bbq food yum

  2. Get chairs from wherever you can: in the house, from the barn, borrow from a neighbor. The collection of odd and different chairs will give a country chic look and feel.

    backyard wedding ideas mismatched seating

  3. Another fun thing to do in backyards is play games like horseshoes and badminton. Set up a play area for kids and adults alike.

    backyard wedding ideas bocci ball game station

  4. You can have fun with the cocktails served because a backyard wedding is a little more laid back than a church wedding. Pictured below is a great idea to mix popsicles with champagne.

    backyard wedding ideas popsicles and champagne cocktail

  5. Along the lines of having fun with your beverages, you can serve your drinks in really creative ways. Fill anything large, like a barrel, bin or bath tub with ice and there ya go!

    backyard wedding ideas putting drinks on ice in bath tub

Here are some more backyard wedding ideas:

  • Rent a photobooth and have it delivered for the day. Supply props, masks, mustaches and other items for your guests to photograph themselves with. Then guests can sign their photos as a fun version of a guest book.
  • Cover tables in checkered table clothes.
  • Serve home brewed beer with custom wedding labels marking your wedding date.
  • Instead of wedding cake serve apple pie and peach cobbler.
  • Hand out bibs to your guests with your wedding date on them or maybe cute sayings like "Marriage is messy."

What are some of the backyard wedding ideas that you'd like to share?

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