Beach Wedding Accessories

Beach wedding accessories are crucial for any beach wedding! But it can be hard to find ideas that are original that don't look like it came out of the 1990's. Fortunately, with the sand and ocean as your background, you can use a simpler approach to decorating your body as well as your venue.

Here are some fun ideas to use in your beach wedding:

Idea! 1:

Use elements that come from the sea in your accessories. Think along the lines of pearls, shells, sand or ocean blue. You can find a lot of gorgeous pieces out there that are beautiful AND affordable.

sea necklaces
Photo Courtesy of kirevi8

Idea! 2:

Maybe you want to scrap the wedding dress ideas completely and go for a white sarong to get married in! Now that just screams tropical!

wedding sarong
Photo Courtesy of My Tie Sarongs

Idea! 3:

For beach footwear, high heels don't necessarily fit the bill. Even wearing platforms or wedges, your heels will be sinking into the sand. And I don't know about you, but when I walk in sand wearing flip-flops, I tend to kick dirt up the back of my legs with each step. Not cute when you are walking down the aisle. Here is one of my favorite beach accessories that solve the footwear fiascos that can incur, barefoot gems.

barefoot bridal sandals, gems

Idea! 4:

If you're showing off more skin than usual in your beach wedding, a fun idea would be to get temporary bridal tattoos that mark the occasion! It could also be your "something blue!"

bridal tattoos
Photo Courtesy of Beach Theme Wedding Shop

Did you have a beach wedding? I'd love to see the beach wedding accessories you used in your wedding. Take advantage of your bragging rights on our real weddings forum.

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