Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Are you trying to come up with beach wedding centerpieces to go with your beach themed wedding? You've already got the sarong and the beach wedding accessories, now you just need to figure out what you are going to put on your tables.

And how exactly do you set up tables at a beach wedding anyway?

Well, here are some ideas for you to explore. Behold some easy and affordable ideas for beach wedding centerpieces:

  1. Just because celebrity marriages last an average of a year, doesn't mean we can't take a nod from the style in which they marry! Check out these centerpieces by David Tutera, wedding planner of the stars. This look can easily be recreated affordably with pieces picked up from a craft store.
  2. Beach Wedding Centerpiece

  3. An affordable option to paying a florist to come in and give your venue a high price look is to invest in fake flowers for arrangements that aren't within interacting distance with guests. This also helps when trying to create height in areas with out having to pay for such large flowers.
  4. Beach Wedding Centerpiece

  5. Typically with beach wedding centerpieces, a lighter palette is chosen. If you prefer to have more vibrant colors, choose one strong color to be the main color and accentuate it by other light colors. For example, if you are using a whites, taupes and ivories in other areas of your decor, bring in some orange or lime green in your centerpieces to be your hit color.
  6. Beach Wedding Centerpiece

  7. Fill a glass globe with some sand and other found items from the beach. For that extra touch, add your wedding flower or some sea creatures you may find during a walk on the beach.
  8. Beach Wedding Centerpiece
    Photo Courtesy of Coconut Cove, Expert Photography by Magda

Did you make some snazzy centerpieces? I'd love to see what you have done. Share your craft with us here.

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