Beach Wedding Ceremony

When planning your beach wedding ceremony, you can make it as unique as you are. Whether it is for your wedding celebrations or for those couples who plan to renew vows. There are a few things that would work nicely in your beach ceremony that may not work for a church wedding.

Beach Wedding Ceremony Cake

Here are some fun ideas for your beach wedding ceremony:

Idea! 1:

The bride and groom's entrance tends to be a pretty fantastic part of any wedding. Typically all eyes are on the bride as guests admire how stunningly beautiful she looks.

Well, have you considered taking full advantage of the sandy open spaces of a beach wedding and making your entrance on horseback? Or if your wedding is on a lake or riverbank, how about making your entrance in a canoe or row boat while the bride holds a parasol? Can you imagine how romantic that scene would be?!

Beach Wedding Ceremony Horseback Entrance

Idea! 2:

Through out your vows, use the ocean as an analogy for your life and your love; such as mentioning how life ebbs and flows but no matter how turbulent it can be, you can depend on each other - dependable like the tide. Something like that :)

Beach Wedding Ceremony Ocean Scenery

When planning your beach wedding ceremony, there are a lot of other factors to figure in. Like, do you put down a floor for the chairs or just have people stand/sit in the sand? Or what will you do about the acoustics since you will have the waves and seagulls to compete with?

Also, the weather can be as flippant as the waves. So the most important thing is no matter what happens on your big beach day, just go with it. So if it starts raining, you can have an impromptu wet t-shirt contest!

For more inspirational bits for your beach wedding, check out the Beach Wedding Ideas page.

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