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My absolute favorite part of planning my wedding was looking at bridal ideas! I know some brides are really specific and know EXACTLY what they want. Then there are other brides who are really ok with just about anything. As long as they are comfortable and look lovely, they are just excited to be getting married. I was somewhere in between!

Victorian Wedding Boots

My issue was that I kind of had an idea of what I liked - but I was more confident in what I did not like :)

After looking at tons and tons of photos, magazine, websites and brochures of bridal ideas, my eyes had become crossed and the line between what I liked and what I didn't had somewhat blurred. I reached a point where I starting aiming towards what was more comfortable and affordable - but still made me look gorgeous!

Desert Bride

Your bridal style is exactly that - YOUR bridal style! The idea is to reflect you as a person. Not some formulaic wedding bride that follows all the traditions and rules. So, my goal here is to help give you breathtaking ideas of what you can do on your big day.


First things first, sister bride. The wedding dress! We tend to gravitate towards the piece de resistance! The whole reason for having a wedding to begin with (I'm kind of kidding there, but not really)!

The dress is the first thing people notice as you glide, or dance, down the aisle. It's also the first thing to depreciate in value once the day is over. Whether you get a designer formal dress or make your own, it is important that you choose wisely on this one. Affordable wedding dresses DO exist if you know where to look. You can even get your gown custom made at a fraction of the retail price you'de find in a bridal boutique! It's easy!

For ideas and inspiration, click below to visit the Dress Page:

Bride on a Train


When it comes to choosing a hair style for your wedding day, there is one rule to follow: select a hairstyle that reflects your personality. Are you polished and refined or fun and spunky? Are you ultra-girly or maybe a little tom-boyish?

For wedding hair ideas, click below to visit the Hair Page:

Wedding Hair

Everything Else

Dress? Check.

Hair? Check.

Now it's time for everything else. This includes bridal ideas for shoes, jewelry, accessories, and any extras you might have in mind for your wedding attire; like henna or custom tattoos.

The extras are another avenue that you can choose to show off your personality or even incorporate a tradition or two.

Idea! 1:

For my "something borrowed," my mother in law lent me a butterfly charm that was given to her when she and my father-in-law first started dating. I tied this charm onto my wedding bouquet with ribbon.

Charm on Wedding Bouquet

Idea! 2:

And for my "something old," I wore an heirloom necklace that my great grandmother gave to my grandma who then gave it to my mom who then gave it to me. Pretty neat, huh?

Heirloom Necklace Worn for Wedding

Sometimes it can be tough to find those little extras that work in with a beach themed wedding. Fortunately, there are some brides out there that are doing some pretty cool things about that. Check them out below:

Beach Wedding Cake

More bridal ideas coming soon in the Wedding Ideas on a Budget e-zine.

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