Bridal Shower Decorations

Pulling together the bridal shower decorations are about as much fun as the bridal shower itself. I just love reasons to coordinate a party!

The coolest thing about weddings is that it is a big celebration that spawns other little mini celebrations. And, of course, one of those fun party excuses is throwing a bridal shower - not to be mistaken with the bachlorette party - a whole other party ball of wax!

wedding shower

Believe it or not, the bridal shower was originally held out of earlier dowry practices. If a woman's family was too poor to afford the dowry, or if her father refused to pay the dowry out of disapproval of the marriage, a bridal shower was held to take up a sort of collection. Other women of the town or village would gather together and bring gifts that would compensate for the dowry, ultimately allowing the poor woman to marry the man of her choice.

Geez, aren't you glad it is just another reason to celebrate nowadays?

Since you now have the creative freedom of designing your own bridal shower, as well as picking out your own husband without the grief of a dowry, it will be fun to explore what kind of decorations to have.

Here are some great ideas for your bridal shower decorations:

  1. Have a theme shower. Consider feeding into the old stereotypes of what being a wife meant and have a 50's housewife party complete with vintage bridal shower decorations and outfits.
  2. 10950's Themed Bridal Party

  3. Another fun theme idea is to have a school lunch bridal shower. Write a folded note as the invitations and have people wear aprons, hair nets and hairy moles on their cheek. Serve up twinkies and juice boxes and serve the bridal shower favors in lunch bags or lunch boxes.
  4. Bridal Cafeteria Party

  5. Host a ladies tea and wear lace gloves while serving finger sandwiches. Tell all the ladies to wear pearls and lipstick while offering a buffet of different teas. You can even liven things up by spiking the tea with some whiskey or bourbon to make a Hot Totty!
  6. Bridal Tea Party

How Did You Decorate Your Bridal Shower?

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