Cheap Beach Wedding Favors

There is a TON of affordable options out there for some great cheap beach wedding favors. It's understandable when you decide to have a beach themed wedding, you want to carry out that theme in every aspect of the wedding, including the favors that your guests get to take home!

You can craft your own favors for almost nothing by going to your local beach and collecting things like sand, shells, sea glass or stones. If you aren't in an area where you have access to a beach, or if you need to save time and energy, you can always opt for ordering something custom tailored for your wedding. One of my favorite and most useful ideas is to get personalized mugs. They are useful and can be designed to match your wedding theme specifically.

If you are interested in crafting your own beach wedding favors, keep an eye out for Do-IT-Yourself instructions on Tutorial Tuesday!

Get ready for some inspiration. Here are some ideas for cheap beach wedding favors for you to explore:

  1. If going the route of custom made wedding favors, consider getting a lip balm for your guests to help soothe those dry lips while soaking up the sun. It even comes with a mirror to see yourself while applying. What a fun idea that works for the wedding day itself and is something that people will take home and use again and again while thinking of you.
  2. beach lip balm
    Photo Courtesy of Favor Warehouse

  3. For a really fun and playful beach wedding favor, you can tie Thank You tags to starfish and place them in a sandbox. What a great idea!
  4. star fish beach wedding favors
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  5. A delicious idea for those coconut lovers out there; offer coconuts with the hole punched out already. Guests can celebrate your love AND boost their electrolytes at the same time! This might come in handy for those all-day beach weddings.
  6. green coconut drink with straw

  7. This idea is almost free and, in my humble opinion, the most fun to do! Scour your local beach for the biggest and best sea shells you can find. Then paint special messages of appreciation and love, or maybe you and your groom's names and wedding date. It's a kick back to being a kid and everyone gets to go home with their own custom art work!
  8. sea shell beach wedding favors

If you have any cheap beach wedding favors that you have done and want to show off, submit your photos and get your bragging rights on our Forums page.

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