Cheap Wedding Ideas

I want to share some cheap wedding ideas with you to help cut the costs on your big day. Just because stocks are going down and belts are tightening in, doesn't mean people stop falling in love.

And EVERYONE deserves to have the perfect wedding of their dreams. Even when planning weddings on a budget, it will be spectacular!

Here are some cheap wedding ideas to get those money saving gears turning:

Idea! 1:

The biggest budget buster of a wedding is the venue. Normally, venues can be expensive on their own...but when you put the word "wedding" in front of it, it becomes even more expensive!

A great way to save some dough on the big day is to consider having your wedding in a park. Some fees and permits still apply but it can come out to be a whole lot cheaper than renting a ballroom. You can get some great garden wedding ideas to help create the vision.

photo location
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Idea! 2:

Do you know someone with a gorgeous backyard? Are they willing to let you get married there? That would save you hundreds of dollars - sometimes thousands. And you can find some wonderful backyard wedding ideas.

wedding chairs
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Idea! 3:

A little secret from the industry is the same bouquet can be sold for more if it is a "wedding" bouquet. Again, anything with the "wedding" tag in front of it will be noticeably more expensive than it normally is - don't fall victim to this if you can avoid it.

Get your flowers from a local farmers market or garden. This will save you hundreds of bucks on your florist bill!

mason jar flowers
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Idea! 4:

Plan the whole wedding yourself and recruit help!

This is my ultimate of all cheap wedding ideas. With enough time and attention, even the largest wedding can be planned by the bride and groom. If you stay organized, maintain a checklist, and accept help when offered, you can do it.

A lot of brides are afraid that they can't pull off a large event and have it run smoothly without a wedding planner. Trust me. I'm speaking from experience. A wedding planner is just a big chunk of your wedding budget that can go towards other fun things like your dress or pre-wedding spa pampering!

wedding planner
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Idea! 5:

Pick an off day of the week, at an off time. This is one of those unadvertised cheap wedding ideas that most places won't tell you about. We got married on a Thursday evening and the place was just as gorgeous as it was on Friday or Saturday.

Some couples are having a Sunday brunch wedding which is a fun idea for a light and yummy wedding. It also leaves the whole day open for guests to still have a weekend with their own families leaving you to get to that honeymoon night!

brunch wedding

Idea! 6:

Instead of shelling out the cash for a wedding band or DJ, just fill your ipod with your choice music. I'm lucky enough to be married to a musician so we were able to get really creative with our wedding music ideas. You can read more about it here.

wedding music ideas
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Idea! 7:

Borrow it! Hey, since you have to borrow something anyway to complete the something old, something new rhyme, why don't you borrow anything you can to save money? Borrow your sister's veil or cousin's classic car for the day. Or if you don't know anyone that has a karaoke machine or buffet tent, consider wedding rentals. It is WAY cheaper than buying. Plus, that's less clutter in your garage!

borrowed wedding dress

Idea! 8:

Instead of buying pre-made items (which can really add up when you are talking favors for a guest list of 200), make as much as you can on your own with wedding crafts.


Idea! 9:

Cut your guest list. Less people = less money. Find out more on small wedding ideas here.

large guest list
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Idea! 10:

My final big money saving idea - now prepare yourself because your jaw is going to drop...get a cubic zirconia ring. I know, I know, I must be crazy, right? I went through it too. "I've waited my whole life for this rock, I'm not giving it up now!" This is one of the cheap wedding ideas I came across in my research and always blew it off, until now. Ladies, I'm here to tell you as a gal who has been there herself, go for the fake one. Here's my reasoning:

  • You can use the money towards honeymoon, pay off debt or nice down payment for house or condo.
  • When your finger size changes over time, it costs (sometimes a lot of) money to get the ring resized when it is cheaper to just buy another CZ ring.
  • You can upgrade every year if you want to.

Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

For more cheap wedding ideas and other money savers (AND money makers), check out cheap wedding reception ideas.

Some brides don't mind paying extra to have the peace of mind that everything will be done. That's ok if you can do that. But, if you can save money by being a little more hands-on with your wedding planning, then that's more money for your honeymoon. And it's a heck of a lot more fun when you look back on it! Keep researching cheap wedding ideas to make your big day everything you dreamed off without putting your new marriage into hock.

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