Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

When it comes to saving money on the reception, there are plenty cheap wedding reception ideas out there. As with all things related to saving money, it just takes a little planning and creativity!

Idea! 1:

One idea that can save you time and money (and potential planning headaches) is to have your ceremony and reception in the same space.

Say, in your already savvy planning, you've booked a park, fire hall or someone's home for your wedding. This will save you money already. With a well planned chair, table and aisle arrangement, you can use the same space for both events.

If your space is too small to set up both the ceremony space and the reception space simultaneously, set up the ceremony space first. Then place a little cocktail intermission for the guests outside of the area while the table and chairs are set up for the reception. Viola!

wedding chairs
Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

Idea! 2:

If you are anticipating not keeping your wedding dress, plan to sell the dress and list it before the wedding. If you buy or order your dress and receive it when you still have a little bit of time and things aren't so hectic, take pictures and list the dress for sale while it is still in perfect condition. This way the photos will show it while still flawless. However, make sure that you indicate to the buyer the dress will be used.

wedding dresses

Idea! 3:

Another one of the cheap wedding reception ideas to actually make you money at your wedding is to do a dollar dance. Some people are afraid this is a tacky move but with a little finesse, can be pulled off.

This is a really popular tradition back East in New York and New Jersey so your guests will not be surprised when it's time to whip out the singles and fives.

I must caution you, though, if you have a glimmer of a doubt that this will make your guests uncomfortable, I would pass. I would much rather see you postpone your honeymoon while you save for it, rather than have your guests leave the room during your dollar dance.

dollar dance
Photo Courtesy of MD Turner Photography

Do you have any cheap wedding reception ideas? I'd love to hear them! Share them here.

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