Destination Wedding Ideas

Organizing destination wedding ideas can be overwhelming since you are planning here but getting married there.

destination wedding ideas

There are a lot of reasons why a couple would choose to have a destination wedding. Maybe they met and fell in love on the island of St. Croix.

Or maybe they have a Mickey Mouse obsession and want to get married in Disneyland.

Or maybe the idea of having a small intimate wedding with just a few friends and family members sounds more appealing and budget friendly than having the traditional huge church wedding.

Either way, planning a wedding is already a big deal; but when you plan a destination wedding, a lot of items are added to your "To Do" list.

Here's a reference list of destination wedding ideas to add to your already hectic "To Do" list:

  1. Location - Pick a place! This may sound like a no brainer but your destination is going to be your venue. So you are going to have to research things like cost of getting there, available venues, weather, accommodations, etc. It's a really big decision.
  2. Airfare - square away all the details on how you and your significant other are getting to the destination. Then you may have to factor in how your mom and dad and your dress and the decorations and your luggage and…everything else is going to get there.
  3. Guestlist - Before securing any payment on anything whether it be hotel rooms or the venue itself, get a head count first. You might only plan for you, your hubby and your respective parents only to find that half of your office is dying for an excuse to take a vacation.
  4. Weather - This may sound like a no brainer but how horrible would it be to go to all this effort and make all these plans just to find out that you are in Thailand during it's rainy season. Boo. Better to check the weather ahead of time.
  5. Legality - If you are traveling to a different country, make sure that you've got the necessary documents to get married. Deciphering another country's legal system isn't always fun but thinking your married when it was never legal is a lot less fun.
  6. Insurance - You won't be surprised to discover that wedding insurance is available. When it comes to destination weddings, it might be a really good idea. As with all weddings, there are snags. But when you are insured, the bigger snags won't effect you as much.
  7. Help - With all that said and done, if it seems like too much to take on on your own, consider hiring some help. Hire a wedding planner or consultant based out of the destination you are traveling to. Resorts often have these people on staff so they are very comfortable helping couples plan their nuptials remotely.

What are some of the destination wedding ideas that you would add to this list?

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