Fall Wedding Ideas

It is easy to find inspiration for fall wedding ideas with all the red and luscious colors that emerge in nature during autumn. It is such a vividly rich season that can inspire passion and romance.

Are you looking for some fun and inexpensive fall wedding ideas to give your wedding that special touch? Here you can find some great ideas to fit into your theme.

Check out these fun ideas that can be used for your fall wedding or similar wedding theme ideas:

  1. To create some fun centerpieces, drill or carve out a hole of some pumpkins. Then insert candles, flowers, twigs, or all of the above. Voila!
  2. pumpkin candle holder
    Photo Courtesy of Casa Sugar

  3. If you can find a large enough pumpkin, carve out all the gooey middle and dry overnight. Then fill it with ice, beer and soda to create a fun refreshment cooler!
  4. pumpkin refreshment cooler

  5. Dress your bridal party in varying fall colors. Give them an idea of the color palate and then let them pick out their own dresses. This saves you money from having to buy the dresses while giving them the freedom to buy a dress that they will wear again. Together, they enhance the colorful backdrop of autumn. Plus, it makes your white wedding dress even more of the focal point!
  6. fall bridesmaids dresses
    Photo Courtesy of Wedding Bee

  7. One of my absolute favorite fall wedding ideas is to use beautiful, dried leaves, instead of flower petals, to line the aisle of the ceremony space. They add more color tastefully and the best part is they are free! It can be a fun project collecting leaves with your honey to dry out for the big day.
  8. fall wedding aisle idea
    Photo Courtesy of Design House of Flowers

  9. Consider using more berries and leaves in your floral arrangements and bouquets. These can be a symbol of harvest and further the autumn theme. They can be easy to get if you just go outside and clip a few from the trees and bushes. Then slip them into your bouquet - free! Plus, the colors are just gorgeous!
  10. fall bouquets

  11. The cake can represent your fall wedding theme in so many different ways. You can have it so it is more in your face with leaves and berries everywhere…or choose to be more subtle incorporating the seasonal color palette.
  12. fall wedding cake
    Photo Courtesy of Pink Cake Box

  13. Another one of my favorite fall wedding ideas for the reception is to set up a "Bobbing for Apples" booth and watch how much fun your guests will have. Especially, if there are kids at your wedding. This will entertain them for hours!
  14. bobbing for apples

  15. Give out candied apples as wedding favors. These are fun, inexpensive and festive! You can use clean twigs as the handles and dip them in anything from caramel, to chocolate to sugar glass. Fall is the apple harvest so these babies will fit right in. Plus, who doesn't just LOVE candied anything?
  16. candied apples

Some other fun fall wedding ideas to consider:

  • String white lights in the trees and bushes. This really adds to the atmosphere after dark.
  • Remember to keep in mind, with all outside weddings, protect yourself from the elements. Consider handing out umbrellas or bug repellant to guests.
  • Use raffia and burlap where ever you can. It is a less expensive fabric that can be used with colored ribbon or other fabric in all your wedding elements that scream autumn wedding.
  • Candles, candles everywhere! You can decorate only using burlap and with enough candles, it can look gorgeous! Just be sure to remember a lot of the environment can be dry during the fall season, so practice fire safety.
  • Use dried leaves, acorns, pinecones, berries, and wheat instead of using flowers. You can probably find all of these inexpensively or possibly free saving you tons of money on the florist bill.
  • Sprinkle acorns around the tables to add to the decorative theme.
  • Have fun with the wedding food ideas. You can keep it simple with apple cider, pumpkin soup, crackers and preserves or go all out and cater a near Thanksgiving dinner.

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