Free Wedding Websites

Everything is on the internet nowadays so it is understandable that couples are setting up free wedding websites.

Free Wedding Websites or Wedsites List

Wedding websites are a great idea as they can offer your family and friends a LOT of information. You can share things about how you two met and fell in love, back story about your families, directions to the wedding venue, where you have registered for your wedding registry, RSVP options and more!

There are a lot of companies out there offering free wedding websites. Here is a list of some for you to look through to set up your custom wed-site:

  • Mod Wedding offers ridiculously gorgeous designs with all the bells and whistles, completely free. Love them.

  • Wed Share is a professional looking outfit offering free wedsites that have been featured in many high level places like TheKnot, Brides Magazine and In Style Weddings.

  • Google Weddings makes it easy to customize and edit your wedding website to fit your event and share the information you want. Tell people your engagement story and wedding details using one of the custom designs. Once you find the style that works best for you, jump in, start creating and share with your fiance(e) so you can work on it together. Google does a lot of things right so chances are you won't have any issues with your wedsite through Google.

  • Wedding Tracker offers a free trial for 14 days. I've added this one to the list just because it offers so much more than just a wedsite. It costs about $60 for a year. With that, you get soooooo many things like: guest list manager, task list calendar, seating chart, invitations tracker and then some. So it might be worth checking out if those features are something you are interested in.

  • eWedding is a good choice for those who have absolutey no experience on creating websites or blogs and is a complete beginner to this whole new fangled computer idea. eWedding is really straight forward, easy to follow, free(which we all love), and comes out looking clean and professional when finished.

  • Wedding JoJo is one of my absolute favorite free wedding websites! The themes available are just simply adorable! They are so crafty and creative that, I think, really appeal to today's modern bride - edgy, full of life and a little punk rock. They have different options available. You can create a free wedsite, which will look amazing or bump it up a notch or two and sign up for the full package for $14.99 a month. Then you will have access to all the themes, colors and features including broadcasting your wedding details!

  • Wedding Window has a theme named "Swoon" which I think is just too perfect since I just swooooooon over their theme ideas! Again, this is a straight forward, easy to follow wedsite building site that can produce some pretty stellar wedding websites!

  • Project Wedding ... you had me at "project." I just LOVE this site! Not only do they offer free wedding websites but they also offer matching invitations - oh my...

I'd be surprised if you didn't find a wedsite that you are totally in love with from this list of free wedding websites. But if you haven't, fear not! There are plenty where those came from!

I'd love to see what you have created for your wedding website. Leave a link to your wedsite in the comments below so we can check it out!

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