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Finding fun wedding ideas are everywhere if you know where to look.

fun wedding ideas

If you've stumbled onto this site, chances are you are a do-it-yourself bride or groom that has taken their wedding planning and creation into their own hands. Good for you!

Chances are that you are also concerned with staying within or even under budget. So you may be looking for cost saving ideas or ideas that you can do yourself wherever you can.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to propose to your girlfriend or what to get engraved on the inside of your rings, here are some pages that will help stimulate your creativity with fun wedding ideas:

If you are a crafty bride or groom who is doing a lot of the wedding planning and creating on your own, be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new wedding craft tutorial on:

Can't find the perfect the bird cage veil or lace fingerless gloves? Try to find what you are looking for on the following pages:

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Or find out more money saving ideas:

A lot of times, if you find a tutorial or craft that you you just adore, you can find a way to implement it into your wedding theme.

Like for example, if you love pinecones but find they are used more for Christmas wedding ideas, then just take a little white or yellow spray paint and maybe even some glitter. Put them in a silver bowl or white porcelain basket and there you have turned a Christmas wedding idea into a spring wedding centerpiece for very little money!

I would love to invite you to brag about the fun wedding ideas you have had and used in your wedding plans. Visit the Forums to post details about your wedding and feel free to brag on!

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