Funny Wedding

Having a funny wedding means that just about everyone will have a good time on your big day.

funny wedding ideas

A great sense of humor is definitely something to highlight. A wedding is a joyous occasion meant for celebration. Doesn't it make sense to have a funny themed wedding?

Just as there are many different forms of comedy from slap-stick to dark wit, making a funny themed wedding will be just including whatever you find funny. The point is to reflect the dazzling personalities of the couple getting married.

There are many ways to express your sense of humor in your wedding. Let's check out some ideas:

  1. For your engagement announcements or Save-the-dates, have fun with a photo shoot to show your love and reflect your personalities. Use props, funny poses or even your smart phones!

    funny wedding ideas, iphone kiss, techie bride and groom

  2. Express yourself by really picking out a unique wedding gown or even making it. Most brides want an individual dress but some really take it literally.

    funny wedding dress ideas

  3. A really funny idea for table numbers is to have photos of the couple at the age of the table. So for example, the table number below is "Nine" so we see photos of the bride and groom at 9 years old. Oh, that hair.

    funny wedding table number ideas

  4. Use odd pieces of furniture and props that we wouldn't expect to find outside or at your specific venue. When done well, the pieces that may normally seem out of place would add humor and whimsy to your setting.

    funny wedding ideas

  5. Have entertainment like a funny play or impromptu spoof ceremony as an opener. This lightens up the mood of your guests and then you can transition into your ceremonial vows on the same stage as if one grand show.

    funny wedding ideas, stage ceremony

Here are some more fun wedding ideas:

  • Have a photo booth or photo station set up offering props, mustaches and masks for your guests to play and have fun with.
  • Have a bring-your-own-pets theme wedding where dogs, cats and parrots would contribute to half your guest list. Although they might not bring the best wedding presents.
  • Have a funny wedding photo shoot. Ask your photographer about doing something like this and they may have some pose ideas for you all.
  • Hire a stand-up comedian to be the officiant.

What are some of the funny wedding ideas you have for your wedding?

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