Garden Wedding Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

Coming up with garden wedding ideas can be a lot of fun. A garden is already such a beautiful place that represents romance and magic. Choosing to have your wedding in one can make decorating and floral arrangements that much easier.

Here you can find some great garden wedding ideas to fit into your theme.

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Check out these fun garden wedding ideas:

  1. Include the garden theme in your decorations and favors. Here's a fun idea for bird's nest wedding favors where each guest's name is on the favor.
  2. birds nest favor
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  3. Go to your local Goodwill or thrift store and purchase dirt cheap linens to use over your cocktail tables. White and lace really add an elegant and whimsical touch.
  4. linensandjars
    Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

  5. Use an old bird cage as a place for guests to put gifts, cards and money.
  6. card bird cage
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  7. Create a Wishing Tree out of twigs and crystals so guests can hang well wishes, memories, and jokes in place of a guest book.
  8. wishing tree
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  9. Use an edible or nonedible floral arrangement as your cake topper instead of the usual suspects.
  10. cake floral
    Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

  11. Use mason jars as drinking glasses or to hold flower arrangements to add a sweetness and casual vibe.
  12. mason jar flowers
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  13. One of the beauty parts about having your wedding in a garden is that it saves you money on floral arrangements since there are already flowers around. One idea is to make your bouquet out of flowers already in the garden.
  14. bouquet
    Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

  15. Blow bubbles instead of throwing rice or bird seed. It creates a beautiful affect and hurts a lot less when you get some in the face.
  16. bubbles
    Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

Some other fun garden wedding ideas to consider:

  • String white lights in the trees and bushes. This really adds to the atmosphere after dark.
  • Consider having a light menu and just serving cheese, crackers and fruit with a beer and wine bar.
  • Choose to have the ceremony outside and the reception food inside to create movement through out the wedding.
  • A Garden wedding doesn't have to be a in floral garden. This can all apply is you are looking for backyard wedding ideas as well.
  • Use flower petals to create the runway to the altar.
  • Using white or ivory as the main decorating color scheme does not compete with the bride. That is a myth. In a garden wedding, it can create a lightness to the decor.
  • Depending on your location, consider handing out umbrellas or bug repellant to guests as a fun way to show you are prepared for the elements.
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