Green Wedding

Nowadays, having an eco friendly green wedding is a lot easier since there is a growing global consciousness about the Earth.

eco friendly, environmentally sound, organic green wedding ideas

You can find inspiration everywhere to be earth friendly. If you can recycle, reuse or repurpose anything, then you are being earth friendly.

I think there is a trend among my generation to be more Earth conscious because we really can get all we need from the nature. That really helps when you are as broke as we are, too :P

Vintage is another trend that is closely tied to the green living trend. And as is made true by most of the "organic" marketing, "greenifying" your life doesn't make it bland but can actually make it more chic.

On that note, let's explore some ideas that you can use to have an earth friendly green wedding:

  1. Oh, mason jars! The things you can do with mason jars. Put flowers in them, serve food in them, offer drinks in them, offer jam in mason jars as wedding favors - the list can go on and on. Then, when the wedding is over, you can reuse them time and time again.

    eco friendly, environmentally sound, organic green wedding ideas, mason jar wedding

  2. Take a day with your sweetie and walk along nature trails and shorelines collecting pretty smooth rocks along the way. You can use these rocks as decoration, favors, table numbers, seat placement, or whatever you can think of. And they're free!

    eco friendly, environmentally sound, organic green wedding ideas, stones wedding decoration

  3. You know that pile of paperwork stuffed in your closet, under the counter or behind your desk that you just have not gotten around to cleaning up? Well, put that paper to good use. Make wedding decoration like fringe, garland or paper roses. Just be sure you're not advertising your checking account number when you do.

    eco friendly, environmentally sound, organic green wedding ideas, roses flowers made from recycled paper

  4. What better way to keep the green going then by sending everyone home with a plant of their own? You can pick up potting plants fairly inexpensively. Wrap them in burlap with some raffia or rope et voila.

    eco friendly, environmentally sound, organic green wedding ideas, plant wedding favors

  5. The tin can is making a comeback in decor. We all use tin cans every day and often have quite a bit of them leftover at the end of the week. Check out Stephanie Lynn's 50 Crafts and Projects Using Cans for more inspirational ideas.

    eco friendly, environmentally sound, organic green wedding ideas, tin can diy crafts projects

For more green wedding ideas:

  • For an earth friendly (and bird friendly) wedding favor, check out this tutorial for a birdseed heart wedding favor.
  • Dig into your craft and button box to pull out the supplies for making button and feather boutonnieres. No plant will have to sacrifice it's life for the sake of appearance, plus everyone can keep them as is for a forever memory.
  • Instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles, throw bird seed or flower seed confetti so you are serving two purposes.
  • Reuse wine bottles as candle tapers and centerpieces.
  • The simplest yet sometimes most difficult bit of advice I have for throwing an eco wedding is to keep it simple. It is easy to get carried away with all the details. The truth is the simpler it is, the less waste and energy will result from your wedding.

What are some of the green wedding ideas that you've had or seen?

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