Handmade Picture Frame

Handmade Picture Frame

by Kate
(Micheal's )

Handcrafted Picture Frame

Handcrafted Picture Frame

Here's a fun idea that was published by Micheal's recently. This idea can be used for wedding favors or bridal shower favors. Or maybe as part of the wedding decorations and table displays.

What you need:

- Paper of your choice, ie: scrapbook paper or origami paper
- cheap wooden picture frame
- scissors
- Mod Podge
- paint
- necessary brushes
- ribbon of choice
- leather or fabric strips
- glue stick or glue gun
- decorative wood pendant, buttons, glitter or charm(s)
- picture to insert at the end :)

Here are the instructions:

1. Turn scrapbook papers upside down and lay frame also upside down over papers. Trace frame and cut out. Use different colors and patterns for each “quarter” of the frame, as shown.

2. Attach papers to front of frame with Mod Podge®. Apply another layer over top of paper and let dry.

3. Paint outside of frame and overlap to front as shown. Let dry.

4. Paint polka dots around center with end of paintbrush. Let dry.

5. Wrap ribbon around the outside of frame and secure with glue.

6. Cut eight 2¼” strips of leather and glue to front of frame, covering seams of paper quarters.

7. Glue wood pendant onto a corner of frame.

8. Insert picture and make another one!

I hope you enjoy this craft!

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Handmade Picture Frame

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Oct 04, 2012
Cute and Easy
by: Paula

I went to a workshop at Michael's where we learned how to make these. I made two and just love them!

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