Handmade Wedding Stationery

Handmade Wedding Stationery

by eLei
(Austin, TX)

Handmade Wedding Stationery Favors

Handmade Wedding Stationery Favors

Handmade Wedding Stationery Favors Personalized Notepads Kraft tags Thank You Tags

Wedding favors don't have to be expensive to make a lasting impression. My love for craft, printing, and paper inspired me to make these personalized notepads as my wedding favors.

The materials needed for this project is less expensive and at the same time gives a more personal touch. A perfect way to show your wonderful guests how much you love and appreciate them for their presence on your wedding day is to handcraft these lovely goodies.

Things you will need:

- Kraft (brown) recycled cardstock
- Kraft (brown) recycled paper
- Eggplant colored cardstock (I used extra sheets of cardstock from the invitations that I did, Michael's is the perfect place to get these)
- Felt lace ribbons
- Twine
- Paper roses
- Scoring board (in creating the slip-on boxes for the pads)
- Double sided tape
- Glue

- 70lb. Bright White Linen Paper
- Designs for the notepads I created them separately and I sent it to a professional printer

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