Hawaiian Wedding Ideas

Are you looking for Hawaiian wedding ideas that are easy on your budget?

Hawaiian wedding ideas, hawaiian wedding

Getting married in Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and romantic places for it. Heck, why do you think so many people do it?

It is, however, a really expensive venture to make that memory. So cutting costs any other way could be really helpful for leaving enough leftover for the honeymoon or first home's down payment.

Saving money on your Hawaiian wedding doesn't mean cutting quality.

Check out some of these Hawaiian wedding ideas:

  1. The pineapple is a big icon of Hawaii. Use this sweet fruit as a part of your centerpieces or even your whole theme. They are inexpensive and abundant all over Hawaii!

    Hawaiian wedding ideas, pineapple table setting centerpiece

  2. Try a little something different with your seating and use cushions placed around tables on the sand. This can give an outdoor living room feeling that allows guests to mingle naturally and feel immediately at ease and welcome. The more comfortable your guests are, the better time they have at the wedding.

    Hawaiian wedding ideas, cushions on the beach

  3. Or if you don't want to gyp anyone out of the view, place the tables side-by-side along the shoreline. This has a very fairy-tale behind the looking glass kind of vibe. Not only does it show how grand your guest list is but it also allows everyone to have a beautiful view of the scenery.

    Hawaiian wedding ideas, table with a view

  4. Coconuts are also plentiful in Hawaii. Serve cocktails to your guests in actual coconuts for an authentic look and feel.

    Hawaiian wedding ideas, drinks served in coconuts

  5. Include ukelele music during your ceremony to exacerbate the island feel among your guests.

    Hawaiian wedding ideas, ukelele wedding music

Looking for some more ideas for your Hawaiian wedding?

  • Wear leis and hand them out to your guests as favors.
  • Consider hosting a pig roast. They are customary in Hawaii and you can feed a lot of people with one pig.

Did you get married in Hawaii? I'd love to hear all the details on our Forums page - brag away!

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