How to Plan a Wedding
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Need ideas on how to plan a wedding when you are working on a shoestring budget? Looking for some holy matrimony without using all your mattress money?

Perfect Desk for Wedding Planning

Well, good news! There are so many ways you can create a gorgeous, creative, heartfelt day that will astound your guests and give you a dream wedding without breaking your back or your budget.

Jon and I were able to plan our entire wedding and honeymoon on a budget of $3000. Yes, you read that right. We made thoughtful decisions every step of the way. We did a lot of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, accepted wedding assistance as gifts and called in all the favors we could! Thanks guys!

We called in so much help, we said our wedding was "By the people, for the people!"

Some of the things we did to save money on our wedding day:

  • Set up and took down the ceremony and reception table and chairs
  • Accepted our wedding cake as a gift from family
  • Used an ipod as our DJ
  • Bought my dress on sale last minute
  • Asked my photographer cousin to take our wedding photos
  • Used money from wedding gifts to fund our honeymoon, paid for everything in cash
  • Hand made all invitations, favors and wedding centerpieces - yup, Jon even helped!
  • Booked our venue on an off-day at an off-time.
  • Learned how to plan a wedding on a budget before making any moves or deposits

It's a lot easier than you might be thinking it is. It is a huge undertaking, true. But when you take little strides, taking everything one step at a time, and stay organized, you will find that the whole process is actually more fun than stressful! Even if you are a recession bride, like I was!

My biggest piece of wedding advice is to become friends with the word help. Accept help. Ask for help. And when the whole thing is over and your are a sagely wise member of the marriage society, offer to help! There's nothing like advice from someone who has been there, done that.

Which brings me to my offering:

Tools to help with how to plan a wedding:

  1. Real Weddings
  2. Wedding Planning Checklist
  3. Wedding Planning Books
  4. Wedding Planning Worksheets
  5. Free Wedding Websites

If you are looking for any other tips and wedding advice, or are still confused about how to plan a wedding, be sure to check out the wedding forums. Here you will find loads of ideas from brides and grooms just like you!

Other great wedding planning resources:

  • Planning Your Wedding for
  • Cheap DIY Wedding gives brides-to-be advice, budget and planning tips, lots of money-saving and DIY ideas, ceremony ideas and wedding Bible verses, reception ideas and recipes, decorating tips, do-it-yourself instructions for centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, crafts, virtually everything you need to plan your wedding while saving you money.

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