Island Weddings

Are you and your honey planning to whisk away to your very own island weddings?

Island weddings

If you are planning for an island wedding, whether it be a tropical island destination wedding or a coastal island wedding, there are some creative and inexpensive things you can do to make your day even more personalized.

We live in Washington, so a lot of couples I know go to the San Juan Islands to exchange their vows. They are not your typical islands since they are thick with green forest and have a unique coastline. It is absolutely beautiful up there, no matter which island you visit.

I also have some friends who chose a Hawaiian wedding as a good fit for them. They did all their planning here and just flew everything and everyone down to Hawaii for their intimate wedding on the beach.

Although choosing an island as your venue can be expensive, there are many ways you can save money just by using a little creativity and do-it-yourself skills!

Here are some island wedding ideas:

  1. Send out your wedding invitations as a message in a bottle. You can recycle beer bottles, wine corks and even paper by getting a little creative. Then your only cost will be shipping and your time!

    Island weddings

  2. Celebrate the island flavors through the food you serve to your guests. Don't be afraid to be authentic in the island seasonings. For example for a tropical or Jamaican wedding, go with Jamaican spice rubbed shrimp kebobs, jerk chicken and a lime and rum cocktail.

    Island weddings

  3. When decorating your venue, pulling in the natural elements is always going to be a good idea, especially when done well. If going tropical, why not use pieces of coral that you can find for free in your travels as table centerpieces.

    Island weddings

  4. If you can get your hands on tiny bottles, use the local spirit as a favor. Pictured below are bottles of Jamaican rum and thank you tags. Perfect favors for those over 21!

    Island weddings

  5. The easiest and quickest way of saying "This is an island wedding" is by having both parties wear all white. Or even, dare I say, pastels.

    Island weddings

Here are some more island weddings ideas:

  • Make a mixed CD as a favor for your guests and have the theme of all the songs be island life and tropical experiences!
  • For an easy and inexpensive DIY centerpiece, check out this tutorial for Shell Topped Bottles on
  • Use the water around you to your advantage to get unique wedding photos; have a trash the dress photo shoot! Google "trash the dress."
  • Instead of rose petals, have your flower girls throw sand on along the aisle.

What have you done for your island wedding? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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