Make a Wedding Cake

Make a wedding cake and save yourself some money. Simple concept, but is it easy to execute? Well, the motivation is definitely there.

As the cost of planning a wedding can skyrocket, it is understandable that you start looking at other areas of the wedding for where you can cut costs. But the wedding cake?

Actually, yes. It is a lot easier that you think. Have you made muffins before? Baked some banana bread? This is a lot like that. If you want to make a wedding cake for your wedding, or have a friend or family member do it, then you are halfway there already.

Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

Here's how to make a wedding cake:

  1. First, choose what kind of cake and icing you would like to go with. Get that recipe together and plan to have a wee bit more ingredients than the recipe calls for, leaving "oops" room for mistakes, drops and spoilage.
  2. Collect the kitchen pans and tools you need. For this demo you'll need:
    • 12", 9" and 6" pan
    • large serrated knife
    • a pack of kabob sticks or straws
    • cardboard circles (you can make these yourself instead of buying them at the craft stores)
    • decorating supplies such as icing, piping, wedding cake topper
  3. At least two days before the wedding, bake the cake portion so you will have a 12", 9" ad 6" cake. Make sure you let them cool before removing from pan. Then take your serrated knife and slice each cake in half or thirds - your preference.
  4. Fill each cake with icing, preserves or chosen filling. Do this for the 12" cake first. Once filled, cover with icing. This does not need to be perfect and polished. This part is called "dirty icing" for that reason because it is just the first layer.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for the 9" and 6" cakes. Stack them accordingly and insert kabob sticks or straws down into the middle and around to keep the tiers in place. This will keep the cake from drooping or falling during transportation.
  6. Once your cake is constructed, cover it with another layer of icing. If you chose not to use fondant, then this will be the final layer of icing. Depending on the feel you are going for, you might want to spend some real time on making it look smooth and just right.
  7. Now it's time for the really fun part - decorating! Here you can do whatever you like using whatever method you are comfortable with.
    • piping
    • flowers
    • fondant
    • etc. . .
  8. Et voila!

3 tier cake

I would love to see you make a wedding cake. What are some of the tips and techniques you have used to create your delicious masterpiece? Share them with me here.

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