New York Weddings

There are two types of New York Weddings: one is to have your wedding theme ideas be everything New York; the other is to actually get married in New York.

Having a New York Themed Wedding

A New York theme can be incorporated into all the elements of your wedding, from the invitations, to the favors, to the cake!

Use the city as your inspiration for coming up with fun ways to "New Yorkify" your wedding reception:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Empire State Building
  • Broadway/Theater/Marquees/Playbills
  • Subway
  • Skyscrapers
  • Central Park
  • The Big Apple
  • Street Vendors
  • Yellow Taxi Cabs
  • Delis
  • Hot Dogs/Pretzels/Pizza/Cheesecake
  • 'Manhattan' cocktail
  • Baseball/New York Yankees/New York Mets
Idea! 1:

Here is a fun idea for your wedding favors: use snow globe souvenirs from Statue of Liberty or the New York skyline. They are inexpensive when you buy them in bulk and it is a fun way to keep your NYC theme!

NYC Snowglobe
Photo Courtesy of Madaleine

Getting Married in New York

Believe it or not, it is possible to plan your New York weddings without going into debt. Granted, things aren't necessarily the least expensive in can barely cross the street without spending twenty bucks...but it is possible to find some pretty great deals. All it takes is a little planning.

Growing up in a New Jersey suburb of New York City, I was lucky enough to experience the glitz, the glamour and all the excitement that comes with that city. But not everyone who is getting married in New York grew up in the area. To help with planning, check out New York Total to give you great suggestions on everything from where to eat to how to get around.

NYC skyline

If you are having your wedding in a hotel, consider staying in the hotel and having your out of town guests stay there as well. Most luxury hotels will give guests group rate discounts or package deals.

You are going to need to get around the city and getting on the subway in your wedding dress is something most brides aren't too interested in. Plan on renting a car or, better yet, rent a limo or two to navigate the city in style.

NYC limo

Do you have a New York Wedding that you want to share? Maybe a vendor that you highly recommend or a money saving tip? Give us the deets! Share your wedding with us in the real weddings forums.

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