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Looking for real weddings as inspiration? Or want to just brag about how awesome your wedding is?

There are plenty of wedding blogs and magazines out there that depict actual weddings, but how real are they really? Maybe it's just me but when I am browsing through a wedding magazine where they feature a wedding of a real couple, it never seems like anything realistic to me.

expensive wedding at the four seasons
Photo Courtesy of Las Vegas Wedding Concierge

My question is what was the budget for these so-called "real" weddings? Were the parents wealthy and pay for everything? Is the couple now over their head in debt from maxing out their credit cards just for the one day?

I wanted to see more real weddings that were realistic in the sense that I could see myself pulling it off. I wanted to see people like me; couples in my position. I wanted to see what they did to have a gorgeous wedding on a modest budget.

It's one thing to pull inspiration from big weddings and admire those who live like the Rockefellers. But for most of us, that isn't reality.

That's where YOU come in!

I get to use this whole website as a platform to brag about my amazingly awesome wedding. You can too! No need to sign up for anything. No membership or registration needed.

Feel free to post all of the details of your wedding here. Go ahead, you deserve some bragging rights!

When you tell us all about your wedding., here are some things to include in your details:

Date and Location of Wedding:
What made your wedding unique?
Tell us about the ceremony:
What was the most challenging thing in planning your wedding on a budget?
What was your favorite part?
What thrifty thing are you the most proud?
What was the funniest moment?
Advice that you want to pass on to other penny-pinching couples?
Did you have a favorite vendor?
Show us pictures!!

Give us all the wedding deets!

You can copy and paste the questions above to use as a guide for your submission.

What was the theme of your wedding?

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