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You may be preparing to renew vows for any reason - whether it be you and your sweetie initially eloped in Vegas and now want to have a bigger celebration with family and friends present...

...Or you and your love bucket just celebrated your 30 years wedding anniversary and feel it may be time to rekindle that romance by recommitting yourselves to each other...

...Or you and your cuddle sacadoodle (ok, now I'm just getting carried away with the pet names) have just gone through a difficult time in your relationship and want to celebrate getting through it together by marking the end of the difficulty and beginning of the rest of your life by exchanging updated vows to each other...

Beach Wedding Ceremony Ocean Scenery

The beauty part with a vow renewal ceremony is that you can go as classy or as casual as your want. You could renew vows at a pig roast in your uncle's backyard. Or you could dress to the nines and have a four course dinner for all your family and friends.

And the extra fun part is that since this is not a legally binding event, you can have any officiate it. So even though your hilarious best friend Lucy or well spoken brother-in-law Dave isn't licensed, they can still be the Master of Ceremony.

It is important to write original vows to one another when renewing them. You can reference your original vows and wear your original wedding dress if you'd like, but it is important to remember that a LOT has happened since your original wedding. So be sure to include little nuggets that apply to the current place of your relationship and what you hope to see for your future.

Beach Wedding Ceremony Ocean Scenery

Oh, and one more thing to remember when you renew vows: HAVE FUN WITH IT! Throw a party afterward - some may call it a reception - but have as much fun with this celebration as you did at your initial wedding. Maybe even a little bit more! :)

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