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Small Wedding Ideas? You mean, you aren't inviting your 1st grade teacher or your next door neighbor from when you were 12 to your wedding? Good for you!

When I was growing up in New Jersey, dreaming of my big day, I was always under the impression that my wedding had to be this huge, extravagant affair where I invited everyone I had ever met since kindergarten. And that was just my side of the church!

New Jersey Wedding

That notion didn't leave until I had a wise person point out some small wedding ideas (thanks Mom!) that adjusted my thinking. It was then that I started considering doing my wedding "my way."

We started out with a guest list of 127 people. No joke! After months of careful consideration and a new perspective on small wedding ideas, we widdled it down to 30 people. Yes, you read that right: 127 guests to 30.

We realized that it is awkward to invite someone to our wedding after not talking to them or hanging out with them for years. In some cases, decades. Plus, it's just not our style to be out of someone's life for so long and get back in touch with an expectation of a wedding gift.

wedding gift

We wanted to share the celebration of our union with people who are in our life now - and didn't mind flying out to Seattle. That turned out to be 30 of our closest friends and family members.

Less people = less money

Some will tell you the more people you invite, the more presents you get. Well, please don't let this be a motivation for inviting someone to your wedding. This is a special day that should be cherished for all the reasons you cherish your future spouse. Plus, the pay out is not worth all the extra head ache that comes along with it.

With a small wedding comes a smaller guest list, less time making wedding favors, less money spent on the food and easier to plan. It is all around more manageable.

What are some of the small wedding ideas that you have come up with? Share your stories and ideas here.

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