Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring wedding ideas are just so much fun to plan! I love spring weddings!

spring wedding ideas, spring theme

Whether it be to take advantage of the cherry blossoms or just space out gift giving holidays with your wedding anniversary, spring weddings are just so lovely.

June has always been the month for weddings; but more and more couples are choosing to go a different route.

Finding creative spring wedding ideas online proved to be a little harder for me than I expected. So, I wanted to make your life a little easier with these fun ideas:

  1. Use mismatched and vintage china to serve the meal.

    spring wedding ideas, spring theme

  2. Throw a tea party themed wedding. You can even put a whimsical spin on it and do an Alice in Wonderland type of thing. Tea pots, tea cups, furniture outdoors, doilies, flowers and biscuits.

    spring wedding ideas, spring theme

  3. Wedding favors can be little sprouted plants and flowers growing out of egg shells. You can even dye the egg shells to match you color scheme. Check out this tutorial on how to put those together.

    spring wedding ideas, spring theme

  4. Since springtime is infamous for shedding those heavy parkas and trading them in for lighter fabrics, why not use those lighter fabrics in wedding elements. One fun idea is to have a linen ring pillow. You can choose a linen fabric that matches your theme and make it yourself on the cheap!

    spring wedding ideas, spring theme

  5. You know it's spring when you start to hear the birds chirping outside your window. Celebrate your love and spring by not only throwing the birdseed at the couple, but making favors out of it!

    Check out the Tutorials page for instructions on how to make your own bird seed wedding favors!

    spring wedding ideas, spring theme

  6. Some other great spring wedding ideas are:

    • Use spring elements on your wedding cake such as dove cake toppers, flower blossoms made of icing and a tiered cake display.
    • Decorate your "Just Married" car with flower pom-poms. You can make these easily from tissue paper and yarn.
    • Hang flag banners as a part of decoration. These can be triangles, hearts, circles, anything! And can match your color scheme.
    • String lilies together to create a fragrant garland to drape around the altar. Pleasing to the nose and eyes!

    What have you done for your spring wedding? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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