Summer Wedding Ideas

Are you in search of some great summer wedding ideas? Look no further!


June has always been the most popular month to get married. But that doesn't mean that July and August don't make dandy months to get hitched in either.

I got married in August! Maybe not the smartest thing to do in Seattle but it turned out to be a beautiful wedding!

Check out these fun ideas that I wish I found when planning my wedding. If only I did a search for summer wedding ideas:

  1. Make your wedding programs as fans so that your guests can cool themselves off while listening to your vows! Check out this great DIY tutorial on how to make them easily and inexpensively:


  2. Have the groom wear shorts! Since cocktail dresses are making a hit among the brides lately, why can't the groom's attire follow suit? Get it? Follow suit.


  3. Offer your guests an ice cold Coca Cola in the old fashioned bottles. You can even personalize them with fun straws or custom labels.


  4. Offer spiked watermelon juice straight from a watermelon! Here is the tutorial on how to set this up yourself:


  5. Give out packets of seeds or tiny budded plants to go with the summer theme. You can also play off the double meaning, like "For you to grow more love at home" or something like that.


  6. Here are some more summer wedding ideas:

    • Choose a public park, beach or garden as your venue. These were made for sunny days. Take advantage of it! And depending on the day, you might be able to get a good deal.
    • Have the bride and bridesmaids carry parasols. You can even offer parasols to your guests to keep the sun out of their eyes while they keep their eyes on you!
    • Have a destination wedding on a tropical island or California Wine Country. The gorgeous surroundings will make decorating a snap since it won't need much.
    • In addition to the open bar, why not offer an open ice cream station?
    • The summer is a great time to bring in bright, bold colors for your color scheme.
    • Use wheatgrass as centerpieces.

    What are some of the summer wedding ideas that you have put to use? I'd love to see them!

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