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Nothing exciting ever happens on Tuesday, right? Well, not anymore! Wedding Ideas on a Budget is now going to be showcasing Tutorial Tuesday!

Check back here every Tuesday for a new and unique tutorial on a do-it-yourself project. I'll be featuring crafts from wedding favors to cake toppers, custom bridal bouquets and everything in between!

If you have any ideas or tutorials of your own, I'd love to hear them. You can be a part of Tutorial Tuesday! Just shoot me an email with your idea and we'll get you set up. I'm always hunting for new ideas!

Origami Mini Paper Books


Origami Mini Paper Books

Most of us have been playing with paper since we were kids. But this fun little project - and I do mean little- takes paper crafting to a new and functional level.

With some pretty paper and a little patience, you could have a handmade wedding favor that your guests will use and totally get a kick out of!

What You'll Need:

  • 1 piece of 6x6 inch color paper for the cover
  • 4 pieces of white paper for the pages

Origami Mini Paper Books

  1. Fold one of the white squares in half. Cut the square in half using the last crease.

  2. Align one of the half's onto the other squares, and cut the whole lot at once - or you could do one by one. You will need 7 to make a book with 10 pages.

  3. Fold a half in half again. Fold it again. And twice more, so it looks liek a spikey number 3, or a W.

  4. Do all 7 pieces. Make sure they are all one way up. Join them so that the right hand one over laps the left.

  5. Keep joining them together, you can see that the far left edge will be tucked into the cover.

  6. Once joined, you can optionally glue them together where they join.

  7. Cut the colored paper for the cover in half.

  8. Wrap the cover around the pages. It should be like a sandwich! align it so that you have equal space on each side and equal lengths for to tuck in.

  9. Crease the paper over the spine to create the look of a hard cover book.

  10. Fold one edge over and make a crease. Unfold. You can further define these creases and make sure they are even. Fold this flap over at the last crease you made. Fold the cover and align the 2 edges together.

  11. Fold the other flap over so that it is the same length as the other one. Make sure that your pages fit in perfectly and re-fold it if its too long.

  12. Hold the pages in the centre of the cover. With a pen or pencil, mark where the book comes up to and cut if you need to in order to create a flap folding inward so you can slot the far left end of the pages into the cover.

Origami Mini Paper Books


DIY String Lighting Decorating Ideas


DIY String Lighting Decorating Ideas

Whether your wedding is going to take place during this holiday season or you are still planning a few months out, here are some fabulous ideas to start planning now.

Take advantage of stores putting out their holiday decorations and sales by stocking up on as many string lights as you can manage. There are many ideas of how to use them but stringing them across beams in a barn to tucking them into a clean mason jar. Really, you can go wrong with these lights as they give off a lovely grow creating a romantic ambience for you and your guests.

What You'll Need:

  • Holiday String Lights
  • Nails or Tape
  • A Little Creativity
  1. DIY String Lighting Decorating Ideas

  2. DIY String Lighting Decorating Ideas

  3. DIY String Lighting Decorating Ideas

  4. DIY String Lighting Decorating Ideas


DIY Studded Faux Bois Fall Centerpiece


DIY Studded Faux Bois Fall Centerpiece

One of the hotter trends this fall is mixing metals. A lot of us are also crushing on wood grain and faux bois projects as the weather starts to get cooler. These two ideas are combined in this week's tutorial showing you how to make simple table centerpieces for fall.

Armed with a small budget, you can find all you need for this project at your local dollar store. Yes, please!

What You'll Need:

  • White platter
  • Five metallic studded headbands
  • Wood grain contact paper
  • Glass vases
  • White candles
  • Hot glue and paper trimmer

DIY Studded Faux Bois Fall Centerpiece

  1. DIY Studded Faux Bois Fall Centerpiece

    First, use a paper cutter and cut strips of the adhesive wood grain paper to the desired size for each vase.

  2. DIY Studded Faux Bois Fall Centerpiece

    Then, peel off the back and carefully wrap the contact paper around each vase. The adhesive is repositionable, which helps since it can take a few tries to get the strips to line up evenly. Trim down the studded headbands to fit around each vase. Then, it's time for the glue gun. Attach the metallic strip around the vase by securing the ends of them with hot glue.

  3. DIY Studded Faux Bois Fall Centerpiece

    Add some white pillar candles to the vases and now you have a simple and easy fall centerpiece. In a group, the faux bois vases have a ton of impact on your wedding tables!

    I’m loving the contrast of the hard metallic colors/shapes with the organic image of wood grain.


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