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Tiny House Wedding Favors


Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

This fun wedding craft is a perfect concoction of craftiness, weddingness and domesticity! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make your own tiny town of cozy paper houses. Use them to decorate a wedding celebration as customized place cards, clustered together as a centerpiece, or as party favors filled with a secret surprise. We’ve also included free PDF templates in four colorways which you can print out, fold up, and wow your guests.

Posted by Girlie Pains on The Etsy Blog

Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

What You'll Need:

  • A design template: red, pink, blue, sky blue.
  • Scissors
  • Quick-drying glue (I recommend something like Selleys Kwik Grip)
  • Ruler
  • Bone folder or butter knife
  • Medium-sized paintbrush (for applying the glue)

Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

  1. Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

    After you have downloaded and printed the design template of your choice (links above in the supply list), score along the dotted lines with a bone folder (or butter knife) and a ruler applying light pressure. (Scoring like this allows for easy and clean folds and tabs later on).

    Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

  2. Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

    Carefully cut out the house template using the scissors.

  3. Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

    Start folding along the dotted lines until every tab and fold has been creased.

    Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

  4. Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

    Start by applying glue to the tabs on the base of the house. Attach these tabs to the side walls to begin constructing the house.

    Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

  5. Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

    Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

    The roof is a little bit more fiddly that the base, but have patience (and that quick-drying glue like I mentioned earlier!) and begin to carefully glue the tabs of the roof together. Rely on your intuition when it comes to this part; in essence, it’s like putting together a box.

    Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy

  6. Tiny House Wedding Favors Etsy


    • Using an Exacto knife or pen knife and carefully cut out the windows of the house before folding to give the house little open windows!
    • If you cut little windows into the house, you could insert a battery-operated tealight (or any sort of battery-operated light) to use the house as a small lantern decoration.
    • By leaving the top flap of the roof unglued, you can easily pop goodies inside the house that can be closed and opened by your recipient!
    • Consider writing your guests’ names on the back of the house (which has been purposely left blank) to use them as placeholders. Writing any other sort of name or message in that space is also an option.
    • Enjoy!

      Yarn Pendant Light


      DIY Yarn Pendant Light

      I just couldn't help myself. I am totally obsessed recently with ambient lighting at weddings. I think lighting TOTALLY makes the event. You want your venue to feel initmate and romantic, even if you are cramming 300 people into the local Elk's Lodge.

      Today's fun and messy tutorial comes to us from Made By Girl. This sassy New Yorker originally created this fun light as a main source of lighting in her funky NY pad.

      I was thinking if you find a few of those Ikea lighting wires, you could make a few smaller ones and light set them up through out your wedding venue. Then after the wedding, you will have gorgeous handmade lights to bring home or give away to friends.

      She does warn that this project is messy and even a little time consuming, so make sure you plan out a nice block of time to make this.

      What You'll Need:

      • yarn (white was used in this demo but you can use any color)
      • wallpaper glue or fabric stiffener
      • balloon or ball that can be blown up and deflated (Made By Girl used an excercise ball)
      • disposable gloves
      • trash bags
      • vaseline
      • large bowl
      • marker or felt pen
      • scissors
      • ikea cord set
      1. blow up a ball or balloon – an exercise ball works well (Walmart has 55cm, 65cm and 75cm if you need large ones)
      2. mark a 6-7 inch circle off-center (this is for your hand so you can change the bulb)
      3. cover the floor or working area with trash bags (it will get real messy)
      4. wear disposable gloves (it will get messy, I mean it)
      5. rub a liberal amount of Vaseline all over the ball (this prevents the yarn from sticking to the surface once the glue is applied)
      6. put wallpaper paste into a large bowl
      7. unravel the ball of yarn (we used 360 yards of a medium weight cotton for a 31" ball – use more for smaller spacing) dip it into the paste & saturate it completely – you can work with small amounts to prevent the yarn from getting tangled but it is more efficient to do the whole ball of yarn
      8. begin wrapping the saturated yarn around the ball randomly covering as much of the open space as possible without covering the drawn circle
      9. once the ball is all wrapped, let it dry at least 24 hours (we placed ours on top of a cardboard box for stability)
      10. once dry, deflate ball carefully as much a possible. Stick your hand through circle space with some scissors and cut it up into manageable pieces (if it is an exercise ball it will have sand in it so careful where you do it). Pull it through the circle opening (the same opening used to change the bulb) very carefully.
      11. Now you can thread the hanging cord set through the opening. Made By Girl had the novel idea to use a short curtain rod to give it a sleeker look. You can choose to do this or not if you are making smaller lamps.
      12. DIY Yarn Pendant Light


      DIY Cut-Paper Candle Holders


      Heirloom Family Tree in a Glass Dome Tutorial

      Today's tutorial comes from my new favorite website How About Orange. I just love it when creativity just oozes in everything that you do and this site is a great place to find fun projects to explore that inner crafty child!

      This great idea for the Cut-Paper Candle Holders would be an awesome addition to any wedding - and you can have tons of them since they are so darn inexpensive and easy to make! You could make them the main focal point of simple and elegant table centerpieces or you can spread them out all over the venue to add a touch of beauty everywhere that your guests would be.

      What You'll Need:

      • Candle votives, plain glass is best
      • paper, any color
      • X-acto knife - be careful, ooh!
      • glue stick or scotch tape

        Heirloom Family Tree in a Glass Dome Tutorial

      1. Trim some sheets of computer paper to sizes that would fit around the glass containers that you have.
      2. Then with an X-acto knife, cut a billion different-sized U shapes into the paper and bent the little flaps over so they stick out.
      3. Double-stick tape secured the wraps.
      4. Heirloom Family Tree in a Glass Dome Tutorial


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