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Nothing exciting ever happens on Tuesday, right? Well, not anymore! Wedding Ideas on a Budget is now going to be showcasing Tutorial Tuesday!

Check back here every Tuesday for a new and unique tutorial on a do-it-yourself project. I'll be featuring crafts from wedding favors to cake toppers, custom bridal bouquets and everything in between!

If you have any ideas or tutorials of your own, I'd love to hear them. You can be a part of Tutorial Tuesday! Just shoot me an email with your idea and we'll get you set up. I'm always hunting for new ideas!

DIY Glitter Shoe Souls


DIY Glitter Shoe Souls

This week's tutorial was originally created to meet the needs of an upcoming dance. The creative project comes to us from Francesca at restyle. restore. rejoice.

I just love how easy this project is with maximum results! Use it for your wedding shoes, bridemaids shoes, or even a pair that you will take out of the donate bin because you now see the potential!

What You'll Need:

  • Modge Podge: High gloss glue
  • Pumps with any type of soul (We used Lauren Conrad pumps for Kohls and the souls were rubber)
  • Fine glitter
  • Paintbrush (I used one I didn't care about so I could just throw it away after)
  • Newpaper (For making an easy clean up!)
  1. DIY Glitter Shoe Souls

    I used a paper cup and filled it with about a 1/4 cup of Modge Podge. Then I poured in glitter to make a glittery first layer. Mix, mix, mix.

  2. DIY Glitter Shoe Souls

    I layered on the first layer, I made sure to do an even coat and was careful on the edges. If you're nervous about getting glue on your shoes you can tape off the edges!

    Then I poured loose glitter on the still wet first layer. I used a dry paintbrush to lightly brush the glitter all over the shoe. When the brush would drag a little I put more glitter on the shoe and continued to spread it to make sure I had even coverage.

  3. DIY Glitter Shoe Souls

    Let them dry overnight.

  4. DIY Glitter Shoe Souls

    The next morning I put on the final layer of Modge Podge. It will look dull and white, but have no fear it dries clear!

  5. DIY Glitter Shoe Souls

    Done! Now've you've got yourself some gorgeous glittery shoes!


    Does the sole get slippery?
    Nope :) The glitter adds some grit to the bottom that's similar to sandpaper, but doesn't scratch the ground you walk on, just keeps you from falling on your bum!

    Does the glitter leave a trail?
    The last layer of Modge-Podge keeps the glitter staying put. The bottom that hits the ground does begin to chip off and scuff similar to how pumps normally scuff.

    Does it matter what type of sole is on the heel, i.e. rubber, leather, patent?
    It doesn't matter what the consistency of the sole is, the ones pictured above are rubber and actually had a pattern but the glitter completely covers it and fills in any gaps.

    Can you glitter the heel and not just the sole?
    The awesome thing about Modge-Podge you can glitter anything! It will work with whatever type of shoe, but if you are nervous about it getting on parts you don't want glittered, just tape it off!


Dollar Store Tiered Trays


Dollar Store Tiered Trays

This week's tutorial comes to us from Julie at joyshope.com.

The majority of the items needed for this craft can be found at your local dollar store!

Food presentation is a big part of a wedding reception. Whether you are having cupcakes for wedding cake or offering birds nests filled with jordan almonds - here is a fun and uber cheap craft idea that you can put together in an afternoon!

The cool thing about these trays is once the wedding has happened, you can use these to reorganize your jewelry! Or your desk!

What You'll Need:

  • spray paint
  • spray primer
  • a mask - so you don't inhale the icky toxins
  • canvas tarp
  • From the dollar store, you can find:

  • One tube of Super Glue Fix-All Adhesive
  • (3) silver-esque trays
  • two crystal-esque candlesticks
  1. Dollar Store Tiered Trays

    First spray the front and back of each tray and candlestick with primer. Sort of an annoying step, but so very worth it, considering how shiny and smooth they are. This will help the color stick and stay on through what is sure to be many a use.

  2. Dollar Store Tiered Trays

    Then start your rainbow party. Two to three light coats is the way to go. Be patient. Spray paint dries fast, but drips and goops if you get all crazy and lay it on too heavy. Spray the bottoms of the trays too, since you will be able to see them, if even just a little.

    The starfish has nothing to do with this project. It is just another casualty of my need to change things. Nothing is safe when I have a can of spray paint in my hands. White starfish on a white shelf. Lame. Sunshine yellow starfish on a white shelf. Awesome.

  3. Dollar Store Tiered Trays

    Mix and match the colors together to find what combos you like the most. I thought that I would like them all together. I don't. Which is weird since I adore un-matching things. But this was a bit too... Too something. I also thought that I would leave some of the candlesticks clear, but as usual, I can't refrain from the paint.

  4. Apparently if you want your tray to hold more than air and if you ever want to touch it or move it, DO NOT use Gorilla Super Glue. It is awesome for many other uses. Tray making, not so much.

    I went back to Dollar Tree and picked up a tube of Super Glue's Fix-All Adhesive. It is amazing. Stinky, but amazing. E-6000 is another great choice of adhesive. Stinky though.

  5. Dollar Store Tiered Trays

    Run a bead of glue along the bottom of each candlestick and then press it to the center of the bottom of two of the trays. Let dry. By using the candlesticks upside down, you get more useable area on your trays.

  6. When the glue is dry, flip it over and attach the third tray on top. Again, let dry with added weight for better adhesion. When this tier is dry, add the other tray and candlestick beneath it. Let dry.

  7. Dollar Store Tiered Trays

    Repeat, repeat, repeat. Smile, smile, smile.


Birdseed Wedding Favor


DIY Bird Seed Spring Wedding Favor Tutorial

Bird seed isn't just for throwing at weddings. Now the guests can go home with their very own bird seed wedding favor!

This idea is all over Pinterest and has been a big hit among do-it-yourself brides and grooms. The idea originally came from IntimateWeddings.com.

What You'll Need:

(Makes approximately 21 two-inch hearts)

  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 envelope unflavored gelatin (2.5 teaspoons)
  • 3 tbsp corn syrup
  • 4 cups birdseed

You will also need:

  • large mixing bowl
  • heart shaped cookie cutter
  • nonstick spray
  • chopstick or bamboo skewer for making a hole in the ornament
  • parchment paper
  • cookie sheet
  • jute or raffia
  • card stock
  • rubber stamp
  • ink
  • rounded corner punch
  • hole punch
    1. DIY Bird Seed Spring Wedding Favor Tutorial

      Mix flour, water, gelatin and corn syrup. Add birdseed and stir well.

    2. DIY Bird Seed Spring Wedding Favor Tutorial

      Spray the inside of a heart cookie cutter with vegetable cooking spray. (You could also wipe it down with veg. oil.)

      Place cookie cutter on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Spoon mixture inside of cookie cutter, pressing mixture firmly with greased fingers. (The more you press it down, the less shedding of seeds you will have.)

    3. DIY Bird Seed Spring Wedding Favor Tutorial

      Using a chopstick or bamboo skewer, make a hole near the top of the heart.

    4. DIY Bird Seed Spring Wedding Favor Tutorial

      Carefully pull cookie cutter away from birdseed heart. Repeat until all the mixture is used up. (You should spray the cookie cutter after every six hearts, that way it won’t stick.)

    5. DIY Bird Seed Spring Wedding Favor Tutorial

      Let dry 6-8 hours. (I let mine sit overnight.) Cut 10-12 inches of jute for each heart. String jute through heart and add a tag. I created my thank you tags by using a rubber stamp, card stock and a rounded corner punch. Tie the jute in a knot after you have added the tag. (You can tuck the knot inside the hole so it doesn’t show.) You can hang these from branches at your wedding, or place inside bags or boxes.


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