Unique Ideas for Wedding Ceremony

Are you looking for unique ideas for wedding ceremony? It's a seriously huge step to commit yourself to another person for the rest of your life. Why wouldn't you want this to come through in your ceremony as well?

Each couple is unique and has so many beautiful reasons why they fell in love in the first place and continue to be in love with each other every day. It's very exciting to plan the theme and decorations of your wedding. But it's a whole other enchilada when drafting up a game plan for the ceremony.

Jon and Kate Wedding Vows

Here are a few unique ideas for wedding ceremony that we incorporated into our wedding:

Idea! 1:

We greeted guests as they arrived and offered beer and wine to sip on as they mingled with each other.

Idea! 2:

The guests were then encouraged into the garden space to have a seat where they were welcomed with a custom slideshow that Jon made about how we met.

Idea! 3:

Once the slideshow was over, the music changed to our ceremonial intro song. Jon and I then walked from around the corner and up the aisle to where we stood at the alter.

Jon and Kate Wedding Stairs

Idea! 4:

The ceremony was really different because we didn't follow any formula. We just did what felt right. First our officiant, my amazing friend Kari, greeted our guests and said a few words about love and how wonderful it is.

Idea! 5:

Jon and I then read our vows that we wrote. Again we didn't follow any formula. We just talked about how much we love each other, all that we've been through and all that we are going to go through - of course with a little humor thrown in for good measure. You can view a copy of our vows here.

Idea! 6:

After our vows, instead of having a flower girl, or our pet bring the rings to us (that would've been a disaster because we have a very flighty cat!), we did something a little different. We incorporated our mothers into the ceremony. My mother had my ring and Jon's mother had his ring. The moms came forward and my mom went first. She said a few words about how momentous this occasion is and how happy she is that she has such a wonderful son-in-law. She then gave him my ring and they hugged. Then Jon's mom came up to me and said a few words about how happy I make her son and she is so thrilled to have such a loving person join the family and then she gave me Jon's ring. At this point, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. It was really moving. Jon and I turned to each other and exchanged rings.

Kate's mom giving Jon ring

Jon's mom giving Kate ring

Idea! 7:

It was then that he got to kiss his bride!! We smooched each other silly! Our music jumped on and then everyone in the audience was blowing bubbles as we happily pranced back down the aisle.

Jon's mom giving Kate ring

Idea! 8:

Jon and I made our way around to the back of the building to share a soda and just soak up everything that just happened. While we were changing into our dancing shoes, our guests were served cheese, crackers, fruit and drinks.

Idea! 9:

We reemerged as husband and wife and everyone applauded. We mingled, we ate, we danced, we cut the cake and before we knew it, it was time to clean up and head out. Everyone who attended helped us clean up afterwards so we could head to our honeymoon suite.

It was ultimately a huge success! Everyone had a wonderful time. It wasn't too long or drawn out and it was still so full of love and joy - which is exactly what we were aiming for.

Kate's mom caught the bouquet

We didn't have any programs since it was such a small group in a small space. It was easy to direct everyone to the next activity location.

I hope sharing our unique ideas for wedding ceremony helps give you some ideas for yours. Heck, you can copy the whole thing verbatim if it really speaks to you and your honey! :)

Here are some other pages that will help you when coming up with the details of your unique ideas for wedding ceremony:

What are some fun and unique ideas for wedding ceremony that you have come up with?

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