Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Do you have an upcoming anniversary and need some creative wedding anniversary ideas?

wedding anniversary ideas, frame gift idea

Whether it is your 2nd wedding anniversary or your 52nd, you are celebrating so much together. The wedding anniversary is not just about the gifts, although that can be a fun bonus.

It holds so much meaning: the time that you have spent together and how it has added up to years. The love that you have for each other that has withstood the test of time. And the fact that not only have you both survived the hard times in your life but your marriage survived as well. That is a BIG deal.

Jon and I will be celebrating our 2nd year of marriage in August this year (2012) and it is so important to us. I was diagnosed with Lyme's disease 3 months after we were married, so we really didn't have a fighting chance. This has been the most difficult thing we have ever done together but that is what we are celebrating - we came through this together! Pretty heavy stuff for only 2 years of marriage. Now that we are on the upswing, we are absolutely stronger for it.

Here are some wedding anniversary ideas to help you celebrate your love and time spent together:

  1. I just love this couple's idea for their anniversary photo. They are holding photos of themselves the year before on their anniversary. Can you imagine what the picture will look like in 15 years? 30? How very Modern Family!

    wedding anniversary ideas, anniversary shot

  2. Have a cake made for your anniversary that is just like your wedding cake. That's what we do - we have our spice cake with cream cheese icing only once a year and I'm already looking forward to it!

    wedding anniversary ideas, anniversary cake

  3. If you can remember it, try to recreate your first date. Chances are it wasn't too elaborate so it won't hit your budget too hard but the sentiment will hold all of the value.

    wedding anniversary ideas, recreate your first date

  4. Have a photo shoot date. Get your camera out and go to different places around town and use each other as your models. Get creative. Or maybe get a little frisky! Stay home and have your own private photo shoot instead! ;)

    wedding anniversary ideas, couple with a camera

  5. With the business of daily life, kids, work, exercise and passing out at the end of the day, the bedroom tends to become a place to toss everything and flop yourself. Turn that bedroom back into a sensual place of romance with a few decorations and lure your honey into their new oasis for the night. I'm telling ya, candles and string lights can go a long way.

    wedding anniversary ideas, bedroom romance

Here are some more wedding anniversary ideas:

  • Build a fort, kind of like what you did when you were a kid, only make it a romantic fort. Bring in candles, pillows, incense and other kinds of sexy things. Works best when positioned looking at a fireplace!
  • Play a sexy game with your honey. Leave notes and clues all over the house ultimately leading to you in some lingerie or waiting in bed. A sexy treasure hunt where you are the treasure!
  • Try something completely new like pottery, ice skating or an African cooking class. The idea that you two will be learning something new together puts you on the same playing field and can leave room for a lot of laughter.

What are some of the creative wedding anniversary ideas you have had to celebrate your love?

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