Wedding Cake Designs Ideas

Wedding cake designs ideas are getting more and more custom and can even border the outrageous - which I especially love! The more creative and custom a cake is, the better it is, in my humble opinion.

When you get to the wedding cake planning stage, most of the time you already have a good idea of what your wedding theme is going to be. So, for instance, if you are having a Christmas wedding, you would be looking for winter wedding cakes for ideas and photos.

Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

But if you are still unsure of your wedding theme or what avenue you'd like to take with your cake design, then your best bet is to just peruse ideas for wedding cake decorations and see what you like best!

You can get real creative when it comes to the cake. You can opt for alternative wedding cakes and dessert ideas or add a custom wedding cake topper.

Photo Courtesy of Natasha Kremers

One of the biggest moneysavers that brides are doing nowadays is learning how to make a wedding cake. Are you interested in making your own cake and decorating it yourself?

Or if you are just interested in looking at wedding cakes pictures for inspiration and wedding cake ideas, we have plenty here.

More wedding cake designs ideas coming soon in the Wedding Ideas on a Budget e-zine. What are some of the design ideas that you have come up with? Share your stories and ideas here.

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