Wedding Cake Topper

Ah, the wedding cake topper. The crest. The pinnacle. The crowning glory of the whole cake!

So...what do you put up there? Well, whatever you want, really!

The cake topper can be the most fun part of a wedding cake because it tends to truly reflect the bride and groom as people.

There are some really creative ideas out there when it comes to topping the wedding cake. A great resource to find handmade and custom made toppers is to look on

etsy cake topper
Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Or if you are looking for some hilarious and offbeat cake toppers, you might want to check out

off beat cake topper
Photo Courtesy of Off Beat Bride

If you don't feel like spending the extra bucks on the wedding cake topper, you can get real creative. Consider items that tie into your wedding theme or season. You can make your own cake topper.

If you are interested in winter weddings, start looking at pine cones in your backyard and snowflake decorations left over from Christmas differently.

winter wedding cakes

If you love dual purpose ideas, how about using salt and pepper shakers as your cake topper? Then after the wedding you have a useful household item that can double as a treasure from your special day.

off beat cake topper
Photo Courtesy of Off Beat Bride

Or if you find a small statue, trinket or tchotchke that you just adore and can't stand to live without, then maybe it should go on your wedding cake!

What are some of the cake topper ideas that you have come up with? Share your stories and ideas here.

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