Wedding Celebrations and Customs

Planning the wedding celebrations that you want to include as a part of your wedding can be really interesting - especially once you start looking into the meaning behind certain practices. You may find that there are traditions out there to celebrate your belief. Or you may even discover you disagree with some basic customs.

Bride wearing just married Uggs

Your ceremony can include as many wedding celebrations as you can manage to squeeze in. Every part of the wedding ceremony is either derived from a custom or is a tradition that is created by the bride and groom. My point being every aspect of the ceremony has meaning. And each little detail adds up to make one huge glowing ball of love that is a valuable and memorable event.

Below you'll find some wedding celebrations that you might want to add to your ceremony:

  1. Throwing Rice
    Most places don't allow you to throw rice anymore because it tends to encourage birds to hang around the venue. But in the days that throwing rice was mandatory, it started as an Asian tradition that symbolized a full pantry. As time went on, the tradition evolved. So now whatever gets thrown on the couple, whether it be seeds, rice or bubbles, it symbolizes fertility.
  2. Wedding throwing rice

  3. Wedding Party
    In the times of ancient Rome, demons were lurking around every corner - especially jealous ones. So couples started recruiting family and friends to dress up like them and stand around them while they exchanged vows to confuse the demons. It's amazing to think this tradition has withstood the test of time. Fortunately, vomitoriums didn't make the cut.
  4. Wedding party

  5. Families Facing Each other
    In Japanese tradition, it is custom to have the two family sides sit facing each other rather than the couple getting married. This symbolizes the two families merging and becoming one with the marriage.
  6. Veil
    Believe it or not, veils were not always made of such light fabric like lace or tulle. They were once made of a heavier cloth that completely concealed the face of the bride. This was done so that any man other than the groom who happens to fall in love with the bride cannot kidnap her on her wedding day. We ladies just can't help breaking hearts!
  7. Log Bridal Veil

  8. Wedding Lock Bridge
    This idea stems from a bridge located in Bastion Hill in Latvia. Couples from all over carve their names or initials into locks and then attach them to the bridge. This is to symbolize their commit to their journey together. It's a beautiful place to visit and also a fun idea to mimic locally.
  9. Wedding celebrations - lock bridge in Bastion Hill, Riga, Latvia

  10. Something Old, Something New
    This is probably one of the most well known wedding rhymes, The full saying goes like this: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe."
    Basically, the old is a link to the bride's family and her past. The new represents the hope for a bright and shiny future. The borrowed something typically comes from a woman who has been married and is sharing her luck in love with you. The blue is a symbol of fidelity, integrity and purity. And finally, the sixpence in her shoe symbolizes wealth to come in the marriage. I just have one question...what if the bride is wearing sandals?
Some other wedding celebrations include:
  • Jumping the broom
  • Tossing the bouquet
  • Standing under a Chuppah
  • Giving the bride away
  • Wedding garter

Jumping the broom

What are some wedding celebrations and customs you included in your wedding? Scroll down to post your ideas!

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