Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

You can pull inspiration for finding wedding centerpiece ideas from anywhere. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can then design and create some truly magnificent centerpieces while still saving money.

Using the theme of your wedding, centerpiece ideas for a wedding can be created using affordable items that will be unforgettable by your guests and photograph beautifully for lasting memories.

If you decide to do the centerpieces yourself, get others involved. It's okay to accept the help offered by friends and family members. I had no idea how much we needed it until the big day! I would like to share some wedding centerpiece ideas below that I used in my wedding.

Idea! 1:

Below is a fun idea I used for my wedding. I used large mason jars that I had (you can also find them at the local grocery store) and locally purchased flowers from a farmers market. I added some clear glass vase gems that I found here to make some truly splendid centerpieces.

mason jar flowers
Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

Idea! 2:

Another fun idea we did was to put trivia cards on each table about the bride and groom. It was a great conversation starter for guests who didn't know each other.

We came up with about 20 questions about either Jon or I, put the questions on the front and the answers were on the back.

I then placed some fun photos of us on the card. I placed the whole card in whimsical little bird card holders that I found here. Some of the questions we used were:

  1. Question: (Kate/Jon) is left handed and often ambidextrous.
    Answer: Kate
  2. Question: (Kate/Jon) met Leslie Neilsen in an elevator.
    Answer: Jon
  3. Question: (Kate/Jon) has a goal to visit all 50 states in their lifetime.
    Answer: Both!

trivia cards
Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

What kinds of questions would you use for your bride and groom trivia? I'd love to hear them!

Here are some more wedding reception centerpiece ideas that you can browse for inspiration, tips and ideas.

Here is another fun idea if you are looking for beach wedding centerpieces.

What are some of the wedding centerpiece ideas that you have come up with? Share your stories and ideas here.

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