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Wedding dress ideas are just about everywhere you can possibly look in the wedding world. Here, there, everywhere a wedding dress! Then why is it so hard to find that perfect dress? And why-oh-why is it so hard to find that perfect dress within your price range?

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There are so many things to consider when it comes to wedding dress ideas and picking out the perfect one:

  • color
  • cut
  • length
  • sleeves/sleeveless
  • fabric
  • beading/detail
  • price

Whew! A girl can get tired when tackling each of the wedding dress ideas on it's own. Sometimes too many options is just as difficult as not having any options.

If you are looking for wedding dress ideas that takes you through each specific factor of a dress, then you can find that on every other wedding website out there. I wanted to take an approach that is just a little different than the mainstream.

I believe that the perfect wedding dress is like the perfect anything else: you know it when you see it! So, I wanted to create a place that is devoted to brides finding the perfect dress within or even under their budget.

Post Your Wedding Dress to Sell

In the title, enter the dress description in 7 words or less, then the size, then list asking price. For example:

"A-line Satin Sheath Floor-length Dress, Size 16, $150"

If you have any questions or doubts, read below for all the reasons why this is a great idea for your budget as well as other bride's budgets.

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Click below to see more dresses for sale from other visitors to this page...

Strapless Lace Tea-Length Wedding Gown, Size 22, $300 - SOLD  starstarstarstarstar
**UPDATE: This item has been sold**

Still has tags, Size 22, not altered in any way. Can be worn with colored ribbon or sash at waist to match your ...

A-line Satin Dress, Size 8, $200  starstar
The dress has a lovely beaded bodice - Sweetheart strapless with a lace up back. Ivory with champagne accents. Box pleats on the skirt and a beautiful ...

For Sellers:

  1. When you list your dress on websites like Craigslist, you are limited by two factors: 1. Your ad expires in a week so you need to post and repost and repost and repost and 2. The only people who see your ad is in your immediate area.

    Posting your wedding dress for sale on Wedding Ideas on a Budget reaches viewers all over the globe so you can sell your dress sooner and with less effort.

  2. When you use sites like eBay, you are limited to a certain time frame. Once the auction time is up, your post has ended. If you want to re-list, you need to pay those fees all over again. Which brings me to the fees: first, you need to pay just to list the item. Once it sells, if it sells, you need to give them a cut of your final price. Lame.

    When you list with Wedding Ideas on a Budget, you pay $3 to list your wedding dress and it will stay up until it is sold - even if it takes 10 years. So, no matter what, you pay $3 for 10 years worth of advertising**. That's not too shabby, huh?

**The reason I charge to list your wedding dress ideas ad post is to weed out the scammers. If this was a free forum, those creepy people who take advantage of others would be more inclined to use my site as a scamming venue - and I'm not down with that.

How this works:
  1. Fill out the form above. Once you click the submit button, I will be notified that your submission needs approval. I will then confirm your submission. Once payment is received and your ad is approved, your ad is posted FOREVER-EVER-ever-ever... well, at least until your dress sells :)

  2. Once your ad is posted live, any transaction will be between you and the buyer. I am no longer involved. So there are no rules on how you handle shipping or accept payments. Once you work out an agreement with a buyer, it is up to you to make sure they get the dress and you get the payment.

For Buyers:

  1. Using Wedding Ideas on a Budget promotes a community of brides to interact with other brides. It leaves the conventional wedding industry out of the transaction because whenever you put the word wedding in front of what you are selling, the price just tripled. Buying your wedding dress from another bride ensures two things: 1.You can find dresses as different as the brides who post them giving you options and varieties that are 2. all within your budget.
How this works:
  1. If you are interested in buying a dress from one of the ads posted, please contact the seller via their contact information. Once the ad is posted, Wedding Ideas on a Budget is no longer responsible for the transaction between the buyer and the seller. So that way, there are no restrictions on what type of arrangement you have worked out with the seller.

If you have any questions, comments, or any other ideas of what you'd like to see on the wedding dress ideas page, please email me. This is a new development so I am gathering info for a FAQ page. If something doesn't make sense to you, chances are someone else is confused by it, too. So, I want to make sure I am as clear as I can be to help anyone who might need more info.

Happy Shopping!

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