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Looking for inexpensive wedding flower ideas can come in handy when you don't want to spend thousands of dollars just on flowers. Of course, flowers are gorgeous but why go into hock for something that is going to wilt in a few days.

Instead, check out these money saving ideas to help you create your wedding flower ideas:

Idea! 1:

Consider having your wedding in a place that already has a lot of flowers to begin with, like a garden or a park. That way you save a ton on your florist bill because they are provide with the venue.

wedding location
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Idea! 2:

Flex your creative muscles and do your own flowers. Have you ever arranged a bouquet for your home or office? Same difference! You can find inexpensive flowers at your local farmers market. Or better yet, go for a hike and pick up some free wild flowers and arrange them in vases of your choice. You can use mason jars or find some cheap containers at garage sales or craigslist.

mason jar flowers
Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

Idea! 3:

Barter with your local florist! Do you have a marketable skill such as web design, landscaping or house painting? See if you can trade your services for your wedding flowers. Just make sure both parties know what is expected around and on the day of the wedding. It's always good to have things in writing.

flowers thrown down aisle

Idea! 4:

Remember to consider the season or theme of your wedding when designing your flower ideas. Look for what flowers are in season and add other natural elements to your bouquets, such as twigs and crystals. Or for winter wedding flowers, you can find some ideas on the winter wedding bouquets page.

mason jar flowers

What are some of the money saving wedding flower ideas you have? I would love to hear them. Share them with me!

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