Wedding Food Ideas

When looking for wedding food ideas, the final decision really comes down to a few factors most often: cost, ease and deliciousness!

Other than that, you pretty much have free reign of what you can do with the food for your wedding. Just as there are themes for the wedding itself, there are themes for food and wedding menu ideas.

Check out the ideas for your wedding food:

  1. Make sure you have a vegetarian option. Even if you think all of your guests are certainly carnivores, it shows consideration and variety when you offer at least one vegetarian option. Even carnivores who are especially health conscious might go for this option.
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  3. Select what format you would like to serve your food. It doesn't just have to be catered courses anymore. Check out these wedding menu ideas to coordinate with your theme and food format.
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  5. It is your wedding so serve the food that you like. Who says spare ribs and fries aren't appropriate for a wedding? Pfft! The whole day is about you and represents you as a couple. The food should reflect that as well. If you are raw vegans, then your menu should be a raw vegan menu. If you are kosher, then your menu should be kosher. This doesn't mean that the food won't be enjoyed. Just let your guests know what to expect when it comes to the menu and make sure everything is tasty.
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  7. A great way to save money and keep your guests on their toes is to have a wedding cake variation. If you are looking for wedding cake design ideas, consider offering an unexpected dessert in place of the cake.

    I know, I know... who am I to suggest not having a wedding cake?! Well, if you are really trying to keep your wedding cost down, it might be worth considering. The price of a wedding cake custom made (and delivered, in most cases) is so inflated.

    What if you had a giant tower of cream puffs instead? Or maybe some beautifully stacked cupcakes. Those are both delicious and visually appealing. I know I would never turn down a cupcake. Do you know anyone who works for a donut shop? Get a discount and stack some donies. More and more brides are making their own cakes nowadays, too.

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More wedding food ideas coming soon in the Wedding Ideas on a Budget e-zine. What are some of the wedding food ideas that you have come up with? Share your stories and ideas here.

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