Wedding Hair Ideas

Finding wedding hair ideas is just as fun as looking through wedding dress ideas! Maybe it's the girly girl in me but I just ADORE looking through all the gorgeous hair styles that can compliment your wedding accoutrements.

So now, for your viewing pleasure, a BUNCH of different ideas for you to stroll through and delight upon!

  1. Birdcage veils are one of the hottest trends right now in bridal wear. Vintage weddings are in so it is obvious why these crowning beauties make an appearance - they are the epitome of classic elegance. These dainty oh-so-feminine veils ranges from cropped to full face coverage.
  2. bird cage veil

  3. Hair pieces have always been a staple in wedding hair ideas. For a creative twist, and a money saving idea, many brides are taking an heirloom brooch or pendant, and turning it into a hair piece. Not only do you get that classic elegance, but you also have your "something old!"
  4. heirloom hair accessory

  5. Braids are timeless and romantic but there are many spins you can do. One of my favorite wedding hair ideas is to do long, loose braids with tousled waves. It is so aphrodite-esque, if you ask me.
  6. loose braid wedding hair

  7. Forget ballerinas and the head mistress of your private school, buns are making a comeback. With a few variations, like looser buns being swept to the side, these wedding hair ideas have been all over the runway and red carpet.
  8. bride with relaxed bun

  9. Another timeless look of romance are the large, loose curls. You can vary the look depending on how is most comfortable to wear or depending on what wedding dress ideas you have in mind.
  10. large curls wedding hair

  11. The up-do has gotten a lot more relaxed. Long gone are the days of tightly permed bounce curls framing the face. Now, it seems, the messier the better. I personally love this look. It's like an accidental beauty, like "Oops. I'm so gorgeous that anything I do looks amazing." A look like the one below can be pulled off easily with pin curls, tucking and a little bit of hairspray :)
  12. pincurls wedding hair

  13. If you wear bangs normally, incorporate them into your wedding hair style. Or maybe even consider getting bangs for your wedding for an innocent and youthful look.
  14. bride with bangs
    Photo Courtesy of Amelia Lyon

  15. Using accessories in your hair has been a long standing practice when it comes to wedding hair ideas. As of late, using flowers and feathers are a big hit in wedding hair. Get creative or check on for some handmade hair fascinators.
  16. bride with flower barette
    Photo Courtesy of Michelle Reed Photography

  17. Just because you have a cropped cut and not long locks doesn't mean you can't have a romantic look on your wedding day. Whether its a pixie or a bob, you can do a lot "fancy-ing" with a head band, barrette or even just a little pomade.
  18. short wedding hair style

  19. Or you can go in a direction that is all your own. The important thing is to be true to yourself. You are going to look GORGEOUS no matter what you do!
  20. bride with pink hair

Want to show off your wedding hair ideas? Visit the wedding forums to flaunt your creativity!

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