Wedding Music Ideas

When planning wedding music ideas, there is a lot to factor in. Music plays such a huge part in a wedding. It basically sets the mood for each moment. It is your wedding soundtrack!

Some of the typical events during a wedding when music is played:


  • Prelude - before ceremony begins
  • Procession - as guests begin to sit down
  • Bridal Entrance - as bride walks down aisle
  • Interlude - any transition or quiet part of ceremony
  • Recession - when couple leaves
  • Postlude - when guests leave


  • First Dance
  • Mother and Son Dance
  • Father and Daughter Dance
  • Anniversary Song - when all married couples are invited to dance
  • Cake Cutting Song
  • Last Dance Song

Idea! 1:

To provide the music, you can hire a wedding band. This can be really fun, especially if you know someone in a band that can play at your wedding. They might even cut you a deal so you can save more money on your overall cost.


Idea! 2:

One of the less expensive wedding music ideas might be to hire a DJ. What is great about this option is that they can act as the Master of Ceremonies as well. They also tend to have experience at weddings and can really get a crowd on the dance floor when everyone is feeling a little shy.

wedding dj
Photo Courtesy of DJ Fellowcraft

Idea! 3:

My favorite of the wedding music ideas is to be your own DJ. We ended up creating a wedding playlist and uploading all the songs to our iPod. We just hooked up the iPod and hit shuffle for the rest of the night.


Idea! 4:

One of the most romantic wedding music ideas is to have a custom song written for the occasion. I have the fortune of being married to a really gifted musician. So for our wedding, my husband wrote a song for just for us.

He then gathered pictures of us through out our relationship and created a slideshow while playing the song he wrote.

You can view our custom slideshow, titled "Emerald Slideshow 1" here.

If you are interested in having a custom song written for your wedding or event, or having a slide show created to custom music, Jonnie is your man!

You can contact Jonathan Negley here or on his website:

Jonathan Negley - Negley Compositions
Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

Idea! 5:

There are also other things to consider, like possibly incorporating some entertainment during the reception. One fun idea is to hire traditional and ethnic dancers or performers. I went to a wedding where the bride and groom were Filipino. They hired traditional Filipino dancers to perform for the guests during the reception. It was extraordinary!

filipino dancers

Please tell me some of the fun wedding music ideas you have for your wedding. I just adore hearing all the creativity that goes into planning! You can share your ideas here.

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