Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding photography ideas can be helpful whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional - or even if you just want to be prepared and consider these things in your wedding planning.

We were lucky enough to have a photographer in the family: my husband's cousin, Erik. We met up with him beforehand to discuss what we were expecting on the big day. Here are some things we went over:

1. Create a Shot List

We made a list of any and all "must have" shots like first sight, first dance, family photo, whole group attendance shot, etc. Having this list of wedding photography ideas was handy for Erik to have so he could just check off the shots as they were taken.

best man speech photo
Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

2. Delegate a Family Photo Head Honcho

Sometimes it can be difficult to wrangle the family members together to take the family photo. Especially, if the venue is large, people have been partaking in the open bar, or the whole thing is running late - all of the above was true for our wedding. Make it easier on yourself, whether you are the photographer or the couple, and delegate a family member who is in charge of collecting everyone for the shot.

3. Scout the location

Check out the venue. Get an idea of the layout, the lighting, backdrop opportunities, etc. Having an idea of what to expect in this arena can drastically help the overall vision for the big day.

wedding venue photo location
Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

4. Always be prepared!

The boyscouts really knew what they were talking about with this one. If it has anything to do with a wedding, it will go wrong. It's just how it works. So the best you can do is be prepared and just roll with it. Bring extra batteries, extra film (if applicable), blank memory cards and know what the order of events are for the day. Anticipation is key.

5. Set expectations with the couple

For us, going over these little details and checklists with Erik was a great way for us to know what to expect. Erik is not a wedding photographer by trade, but a professional luxury photographer. He is used to dealing with products or choreographed events. So, I think we were sort of setting the expectations for him, also!

wedding hairstyle detail
Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

6. Turn off sound on camera

There are plenty of distractions during the ceremony whether it be your cousin's 4 kids playing in the back pews or the airliner breezing by over head, as was in our case. The last thing the ceremony needs is the sound of your camera beeping and clicking away.

7. Sweat the small stuff

Shoot all the details. A lot of thought has gone into planning every little minutia of this day. It is important to capture all those little touches. This can include the rings, shoes, pedicures, favors, bridal jewelry, etc.

bird placecard holders centerpiece details
Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

8. Bring a 2nd camera or better yet, a 2nd photographer!

Erik recruited the help of our good friend, Herman, who is also a professional photographer. Having Herman there made it a lot easier for Erik in the sense that he didn't have to be in two places at once. Erik was shooting one angle while Herman was shooting the other. This gave the final set of photos real variety - and didn't wear Erik out completely. Two cameras are better than one!

9. Be inspired!

Look through wedding magazines or other wedding photographer's portfolios to find inspiration for wedding photo ideas. See what others are doing. Google wedding photography ideas and see what comes up. There are some really creative wedding photos out there.

wedding photo fun
Photo Courtesy of Junshien

10. Have fun with it.

Move around! Get down low, up high and everything in between. Use wide angle shots to capture big ideas and continuous shooting mode to get the moments after the pose. Have people jump up and catch the shot mid air. Remember, this is a celebration! If you are having a good time with it, that will reflect in your photos.

And most importantly, don't forget to take a break to eat!

wedding cake fun
Photo Courtesy of Erik Skaar

More wedding photography ideas coming soon in the Wedding Ideas on a Budget e-zine.

What have you come up with for your wedding photography ideas? I'm always interested in learning more ideas. You can share them here!

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