Wedding Program Ideas

Wedding Ceremony Programs

Wedding program ideas are just as crucial as the cake - especially if you're talking about having a huge wedding. It's important to organize your wedding down to every last detail.

You're going to have a lot of people looking to you to tell them what is going on during your wedding ceremony. And a wonderful way to get everyone on the same page (no pun intended!) is to other guests a wedding program.

When designing your programs, you may want to carry the theme from the Save the Dates and the invitations. You can do this by using the same or similar papers, colors, ribbons, fonts and details.

Wedding Ceremony Programs

Some wedding program ideas that you may want to include on the programs themselves are:

  • The names of the bride, groom and family members
  • Names of the wedding party
  • Music such as prelude, intro, processional and recessional
  • Greeting
  • Declaration of Intentions
  • Greeting
  • Prayers
  • Speeches
  • Any type of wedding celebrations like lighting a unity candle or sharing a rosary
  • Locations of ceremony versus cocktail area/reception area
  • Band name or musical group members

And really, you could put anything you want to into your wedding program ideas bin:

  • Write a poem thanking the guests for coming
  • Have little trivia questions about the bride and groom
  • Create a maze or wedding themed crossword puzzle to keep the guests or kids busy during transitions
  • Wedding Ceremony Programs

    Another fun thing to consider when it comes to your programs is how you are going to disperse them to your guests. You can have a decorated basket with stacks of them to grab as your guests walk in. You can also tie a small ribbon around them and hang a program on each chair. Or if you don't have to worry about windy weather, you can set the programs on each seat.

    Just like with every other aspect of your wedding, get as creative as you want here. This is your wedding so it should reflect you and your sweetheart - right down to the programs!

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