Wedding Proposal Ideas

The kind of wedding proposal ideas you are in search of has everything to do with who you are asking!

wedding proposal ideas, fortune cookie ring

Proposing marriage has come a loooooong way in the recent years! People have gotten really creative in the different ways they pop the question.

It used to be that the man was supposed to ask the woman to marry him. This, of course, after the proper amount of time in courtship and sexual abstinence.

Nowadays, it's ok to ask anyone you love to marry you! Girls asking boys, boys and boys and girls asking girls - love is all around!

Popping the question is a gesture that has a lot of anticipation and sometimes anxiety around it, but it will always be a story that you will tell over years to come. Especially if he or she says yes! :)

Let's check out some creative wedding proposal ideas that others have done:

  1. This guy proposed to his girlfriend by creating some sand art near a vantage point. Imagine her surprise when a romantic day at the beach turned into one of the most romantic days of her life!

    wedding proposal ideas, sand art proposal

  2. A cute proposal idea is to have the engagement ring and proposal baked into a fortune cookie. Now that's a fortune cookie with a fortune for two!

    wedding proposal ideas, fortune cookie ring

  3. This scuba diving couple shared the same interest under water so why not plan for their life together above water?

    wedding proposal ideas, scuba divers proposal

  4. Say it with food! Order a special dessert and place the ring on top. Have your local pizza guys write "Will you marry me?" in pepperonis. Bake cupcakes and spell out the words. Just whatever you do, don't put the ring in her champagne. We all know where that will end up.

    wedding proposal ideas, proposing with food, cupcakes

  5. Who says if you like it you gotta put a ring on it? Why not propose with another piece of jewelry, like a bad ass pocket watch?! This individual found their proposal waiting for them in their favorite book.

    wedding proposal ideas, proposal pocket watch with wings

Here are some more wedding proposal ideas:

  • If you have musical abilities, write a song describing all the things that you love about the other person and have the chorus be the proposal.
  • Propose publicly in a crowded area like a park, airplane, restaurant etc. by using a loud speaker to get everyone's attention.
  • Put a ring on your love's finger while they are sleeping and wake them up with champagne. At first they will be surprised by the greeting but when they look at their hand, oh boy!
  • Take your honey to a play or comedy show and ask the performers to help you propose.
  • I love this one from The Knot: Write your proposal in sunscreen on your stomach, so that your tan will "stencil in" the words.

How have you proposed or been proposed to?

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