Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

You can get really creative when coming up with wedding reception centerpiece ideas. You can go the traditional route or come up with something totally unique.

Centerpieces were originally used during the Renaissance by putting a sculpted bowl in the shape of a ship in the middle of the table and filling it with fruit or nuts.

Whatever you decide to put on the tables, that is what the guests will be interacting with. You can have the centerpieces be board games or some other conversation stimulator to make sure that people are having a good time.

One helpful thing to remember is not to make your centerpiece too big. You want to avoid difficulty with serving dishes and allow for the guests to see eachother across the table as they discuss how gorgeous you look in your dress :)

When it comes to your centerpieces, don't be afraid to be as simple...

Wedding Centerpiece

or as elaborate as you like.

Wedding Centerpiece

Here are some more wedding reception centerpiece ideas:

  1. Collect lace doilies from your local goodwill and space them out to create a runner to table setting. This is an inexpensive way to create a soft, vintage look.
  2. Wedding Centerpiece

  3. For a winter wedding, a fun idea is to have a single branch of manzanita and thread hanging crystals from the ends. You can even paint the branch white to give it a really clean look.
  4. Wedding Centerpiece

  5. Another spin off the idea above it to leave the branch unpainted, but hang more elaborate decorations from it.
  6. Wedding Centerpiece

Did you make some snazzy centerpieces? I'd love to see what you have done. Share you craft with us here.

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