Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Coming up with wedding ring engraving ideas is such a touching sentiment.

wedding ring engraving ideas

The exchanging of the rings holds such meaning for many couples. It may have originated from a place that couples no longer agree with - but what it has come to represent is such a timeless, personal promise to each other.

The wedding ring lasts a long time; sometimes generations as it is handed down over the years. So coming up with custom wedding ring ideas or getting them engraved is a smart idea. The message that you want to send will stand the test of time by remaining etched in the physical symbol of your love. You are creating a forever message.

Here are some wedding ring engraving ideas:

  1. Get your wedding date and vows engraved so that you can always remember the words you exchanged on your special day.

    wedding ring engraving ideas, vows engraved

  2. Get your names or the name of your spouse engraved on the outside of your rings to symbolized the match in the wedding ring set.

    wedding ring engraving ideas, names engraved

  3. The ultimate engraving of not even using words - the fingerprint wedding ring. They can do all sorts of things now like putting the thumbprints on the inside or outside of your ring. It seriously could not get anymore personal than that!

    wedding ring engraving ideas, fingerprint and thumbprint wedding rings

  4. For those computer programmer couples out there, why not get your message inscribed in computer code. How cool is it to say I love you only using 1's and 0's!

    wedding ring engraving ideas, computer code

  5. Go in a completely different direction - literally! Get your engraving done on the side of the ring.

    wedding ring engraving ideas, side of ring engraved

Here are some more wedding ring engraving ideas:

  • Use quotes from famous people - something that really speaks to you and signifies your relationship
  • Instead of words, get an image engraved on your rings.
  • Depending on your religious beliefs, you may want to get an inscription of a bible verse or written in Hebrew.
  • Celebrate your ethnic backgrounds by getting your phrase written in a different language, maybe so only you and your honey knows the meaning.
  • Take one of your best inside jokes that you two have and get that engraved. It's the gift that keeps on giving by making them laugh and smile each time they read it.

What are some of the things you have turned into a forever message by engraving on your wedding rings?

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