Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

Here you will find a list of wedding scrapbook ideas to help you organize all the beautiful photos and mementos from your big day.

wedding scrapbook ideas, wedding scrapbook

In recent years, scrapbooking has become incredibly popular. People love to keep track of all their wonderful memories like birthdays, family reunions, births - so why not create a wedding scrap book?

I have gobs of wedding photos, wedding cards and little mementos from our wedding day. You can understand why I have been searching for wedding scrapbook ideas to showcase everything. Each piece from that day is so special to me, I want to honor it in a creative way. In a way that's better than how it is now - in stacks and piles on my book shelf.

Here are some of the great ideas I have come across:

  1. I love this idea of creating a book of envelopes to house all the papers and cards from our wedding. This can also double as a novel idea for a guest book. A tutorial on how to make one of these is coming up on our Tutorial Tuesday page, so check back frequently for that.

    Photo Courtesy of Creatively Kept on Etsy

  2. Instead of making a scrapbook, make a scrapWALL. Create a photo collage in the shape of something desirable, made up of all your favorite photos from your wedding day. You can even make this project a permanent one with some shellac or sealant, or do it on a giant canvas instead of the wall.

    wedding scrapbook ideas, wedding scrapbook

  3. Take a scrapbooking class with your newly wedded sweetie. This could be a fun date (or dates) and you get to work on this beautiful project together! Plus you might get a few ideas that you wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

    wedding scrapbook ideas, wedding scrapbook

  4. Create a digital scrapbook. There's a lot less risk of paper cuts and with everything going digital nowadays, why not compile your memories into a digital file that you can access from anywhere. It may even give you more freedom with your creativity while being easy on your budget at the same time.

    wedding scrapbook ideas, wedding scrapbook

What are some of the wedding scrapbook ideas you have used for your own scrapbooking?

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